Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville POLL RESULTS & ANALYSIS

Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville Poll Results & Analysis

For the past week we’ve been running a Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville poll, asking our readers which show they’re watching.  The results aren’t exactly surprising, but the feedback received is telling.

The comments on the Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville poll were turned off, as are the comments on most of the polls we run as these things can lead to excessive trolling and breaking of the website commenting policies.  We did, however, welcome feedback via social media and the feedback is clear: CBS All Access is killing Star Trek: Discovery’s chances of succeeding.

One Reddit user explained on The Orville forum:

Not surprising [that The Orville is winning] as one requires pay access vs over the air […]

This sentiment was also expressed to us via Twitter:

The feedback on Facebook was much the same.

Can’t compare a free show against one that has to be paid for separately. Not the same audience. But both are good in their own way. – Rich H

Lets get Discovery on regular CBS then compare – Jonathon G

Well maybe if you didn’t have to buy CBS subscription to watch it. It might be doing better. -Conrad B

The debate on which show is more “true” to Star Trek or Roddenberry’s vision is still very much a sticking point to many fans.  It’s a debate worth having and it can be found on many forums and social media sites.  But based entirely on which show you are watching, having to subscribe to CBS All Access is cutting off that debate before it even has a chance to flourish.  In fact, it may even be poisoning the waters for many.  Those who may have enjoyed the show otherwise may be too bitter to even give it a shot due to having to pay $6.99 a month for a separate streaming service that includes commercials (unless you pay $9.99, then it’s commercial free). Then again, they may have felt the same regardless, but at this point we may never know because there’s just too much frustration regarding CBS All Access to tell where the resentment is truly coming from.

So while the very valid debate over which show is closer to “true Star Trek” rages on across the Internet, our Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville poll makes one thing clear: CBS All Access is killing the show before it has a chance to shine.

Author: Angel Wilson

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