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  • Gotham Review 1×10: “LoveCraft”

    Two words: Badass. Alfred. That was the high point of this episode for me. As a Batman comic book reader, I’ve long known that Alfred is capable of major kickassery, but it’s usually subdued under the stiff posture and dry British witticisms. The Alfred of Gotham is a more earthy, rough-and-tumble sort of butler and […]

  • STILL/MOVEMENT: About the New GOTHAM Trailer

    WARNERS MAKES A BIG SPLASH WITH 1ST GOTHAM TRAILER: BUT IS THIS THE BATMAN SERIES WE WANT? 2.5 million views in one day: it’s clear that the people are hungry for more Batman stories. I’ll say this: it looks pretty good. Done right, Gotham could be an amazing, must-watch piece of television. But man, I’m […]