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  • ‘Crimson Peak’ Trailer Finally Arrives

    The ultimate in geeky cinema has finally reared its heads in the newly released trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Fandom has long been waiting for our first look at this Victorian horror film directed by the master nerd himself, Guillermo del Toro. Along with looking like a deliciously shivery haunted house movie, the […]

  • Gotham 1×15 Review: The Scarecrow

    Wow, Gotham, you finally did it. You finally produced an episode that I thoroughly enjoyed and which kept my interest throughout all of the subplots. I’m proud of you. And the Batman fan in me could weep with joy over the fact that finally, the show that had given me such high hopes over the […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 2×15 Review: “Spellcaster”

    Oh, Henry. You’re back. John Noble is a great actor, don’t get me wrong. And he does a solid job with the material he’s given. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but wince when he appeared upon my screen because I instantly pictured all the upcoming horribly boring scenes featuring him and Katrina moping around together. When those […]

  • Gotham 1×13: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

    There’s one thing that always makes me cringe when I watch Gotham: the violence. I admit that, as someone who is a fan of horror and action films, comic books of all age levels, and particularly violent video games, this is a weird confession to make. But there’s something unpleasantly surprising about the violence in […]

  • ‘Mockingjay’ Surpasses ‘GotG’ as Top-Grossing 2014 Film

    Fans of The Hunger Games trilogy and also female-led films have a new reason to celebrate! According to Forbes, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is officially the top-grossing film of 2014. As of January 21st, Mockingjay “surpassed the $333.2 million earned by the Marvel superhero film,” Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Forbes explained. This […]

  • Jeff Davis Gives Up: Lets Fans Design Season 5 Creature

    Teen Wolf fans have put up with a lot over the years: nonsensical storylines, rampant queerbaiting, the repeated killing off of female and/or characters of color, etc. The sheer laziness of season 4 and the exploitative use of fan creations in The Collective should have prepared us for the eventuality that we have finally reached: […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 2×13 Review: Pittura Infamante

    Sleepy Hollow has never shied from the fact that it is an extremely campy show with borderline silly premises. The show’s strength lies in the charismatic earnestness of the two main actors and, aside from Katrina, the crafting of dynamic and thoroughly likeable characters. Therefore, fans of Sleepy Hollow (myself and my sister among them) […]

  • Gotham 1×11: Rogue’s Gallery

    During New Year’s Eve, I saw a commercial promoting the second half of the first season of Gotham. One of the fellow partygoers said he couldn’t wait to watch it. I felt sadly indifferent. The last few complicated episodes before the mid-winter break hadn’t done much to whet my appetite for the rest of season […]

  • POLL: Favorite Video Game Crush?

    Whether or not you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, chances are you’ve encountered some seriously good-looking characters in the wide world of video games. Like TV shows and movies, fangirls and fanboys of video games are dedicated to their favorite characters, and after much discussion (and gushing) amongst writers and editors here at The Geekiary, […]

  • The Geekiary’s Top 4 Non-Christmassy Christmas Movies

    Ah, Christmas. The time of year to cuddle up with loved ones, throw another log on the fire, and watch family favorites that you can only bring yourself to watch once a year. A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Bishop’s Wife… all classics. But we here at The Geekiary have our own more […]