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  • “Dramarama” Director Jonathan Wysocki Lets Us Peek Into His Diary

    There’s something to be said about an experience so specific that it can be felt universally by its viewers. Dramarama’s log line talks about a young man and his theater troupe preparing for their final murder mystery dinner party before they disband, going their separate ways after high school. You know, that tale as old […]

  • Letia Solomon’s “The Cypher” Cracks the Code

    The Cypher, a short feature directed by Letia Solomon, introduces us to a world where rules may be made to be broken, but tradition is still the name of the game. What happens when one of the players decides the game doesn’t fit him anymore? Creativity and confidence are rewarded with domination, but The Cypher […]

  • This Year’s Outfest May Be Online, But It Goes ALL OUT!

    Outfest has reigned supreme as the premiere location to see new and exclusive offerings for and about the LGBTQ+ community. Running from Thursday, August 20th to Sunday, August 30th, Outfest offers 160+ films and 35 world premieres, as well as live concerts and conversations. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole […]