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  • Silk Vol 2 #9 Review

    Silk #9 finds Cindy still working for Black Cat undercover. Evil Cindy Moon from Earth-65 has done a good job lending credence to Silk being a “villain” now. Which is aiding in Cindy to getting closer to Black Cat and her operations. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other […]

  • Silk #1 Review: All New All Different

    I can’t express how happy I am that Cindy Moon made it through the Secret Wars!  After only seven issues, I was looking forward to more.  So, we’re back to number one again, starting up not too long after #7 left off. In this issue, Silk seems to be playing all sides: bad guy – […]

  • Silk #5 Review: Black Cat

    In issue #5, Cindy Moon continues to spend her free time trying to find any information on her missing family.  This is something she does during her down time at her day job with the Fact Channel.  She got caught, but it turned out okay as her boss offered to call in a favor with […]

  • Silk #2 Review: Hail the Tentacle Monster!

    In the second issue of Silk we continue to learn more about Cindy Moon’s past. When she’s not busy defending the city, she is trying to find out anything and everything she possibly can about her missing family. Oh and of course, there’s a huge Hydra “Tentacle-Monster-Robot-Thingy” trying to kill her! We are given a […]