Silk #1 Review: All New All Different

Silk #1

I can’t express how happy I am that Cindy Moon made it through the Secret Wars!  After only seven issues, I was looking forward to more.  So, we’re back to number one again, starting up not too long after #7 left off.

In this issue, Silk seems to be playing all sides: bad guy – er, girl — hero, and reporting on herself at her day job.  She’s definitely having trouble juggling it all.  Not to mention, she’s trying to get information from The Nights of the Goblin King on her brother and how he came to be a part of their group.  That’s just part of her “rad” day.  She also encounters Black Cat and Mockingbird. She’s working for both of them, which gives her an interesting image to the public.

One of the things I really enjoy about Silk is how many references to pop culture there are.  Looking in the background of the panels on some of the pages there will be things like a Jigglypuff figure from Pokémon on Cindy’s desk. The calendar in the background has a unicorn on it. The new intern at Fact Channel is wearing a Vampire Weekend t-shirt.  There’s a Sailor Moon poster on the door, a Pokéball and troll on the bookshelf, and a stuffed Staryu on the bed in Cindy’s new apartment.  Cindy is definitely a Pokémon fan!

It was good to have Stacey Lee’s amazing art back for this issue. I’m definitely biased, but Silk just doesn’t quite feel right if Lee isn’t drawing her.  And of course Robbie Thompson continuously writing Cindy as someone who is relatable, quirky, and just plain fun to read.  I’m excited to see what Silk does next in the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe.


Author: Jessica Rae

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