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  • Steven Universe 4×25 Review: “I Am My Mom”

    Connie and Steven’s friends are trapped inside a Topaz fusion, ready to be sent to the human zoo, and the Crystal Gems have no means of following them. The only thing keeping Aquamarine from blasting off immediately is her search for a final human, ‘My Dad’, who doesn’t actually exist. In “I Am My Mom”, […]

  • Steven Universe 4×24 Review: Are You My Dad

    We’re four episodes in to this Stevenbomb, and “Are You My Dad” was the first time any Gem other than Steven showed up; that alone made me love the first couple minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of “Are You My Dad”. While Steven Universe is no stranger to body horror, […]

  • Steven Universe 4×23 Review: “The Good Lars”

    “The Good Lars” provides us with solid evidence that Lars Barriga is Filipino, which puts into perspective why he’s behaved the way he has so far. Since the whole body-possession-for-a-day mess in “The New Lars“, it seems that Lars has become more honest with himself. This development was hinted at “The New Crystal Gems“, when […]

  • Steven Universe 4×20 Review: Room for Ruby

    I’ll say this much about “Room for Ruby” – it wasn’t at all what I expected when I first saw the episode title and description…and in the end that was for the best. “Room for Ruby” began with one of the Rubies crashing down to Earth, something that was never actually explained in the episode […]

  • Steven Universe 4×16 Review: The New Crystal Gems

    After last week’s pretty heavy Stevenbomb, today’s episode, “The New Crystal Gems”, was something of a relief. Sure, “The New Crystal Gems” had its own frustrating moments, mostly perpetrated by Peridot, but it was great to see what she, Lapis, and Connie were up to while the Crystal Gems were off rescuing Greg. Because as […]

  • Steven Universe 4×06 Review: Last One Out of Beach City

    Steven Universe never ceases to amaze me, and with “Last One Out of Beach City” they did so by fitting an entire rom-com plot in one amazing eleven-minute episode. Let me start by saying that I haven’t always been the biggest Pearl fan. When she tricked Garnet into fusing with her I honestly wasn’t sure […]