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  • ‘Wayward Sisters’ Is Checking All The Boxes For Spinoff Success

    ‘Wayward Sisters’, the backdoor pilot for a Supernatural spinoff by the same name, aired tonight in the US. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The #WaywardSisters hashtag was trending with just the East Coast watching, and it stayed high while the West Coast picked up. There’s a good reason for the excitement: the episode did everything it […]

  • Wayward Sisters Gets a Spin-off, Because Sometimes We Can Have Nice Things

    Good news: rumors are flying that Warner Bros TV and CW are finally giving fans the spinoff we’ve been asking for: Wayward Sisters, headed our way next season. Better news: the actors have confirmed it! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary