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  • Nerd HQ 2015: A Conversation with William Shatner

    The ever popular Nerd HQ, hosted by Zachary Levi’s company The Nerd Machine, which benefits the charity Operation Smile, is back for San Diego Comic-Con 2015.  This year they’ve set up camp in the New Children’s Museum, which is definitely the most comfortable and relaxing venue that they’ve used to date.  The couches are comfortable, […]

  • Oz Comic-Con Sydney 2014: Round-up

    This was the first Oz Comic-Con to take place in Sydney and the 10th over all and I have to say it was a pretty well-run event. The guest list included Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars), Mark Shepard (Supernatural), Jason Mamoa (Game of […]