What Exactly Should I Take to a Geek Convention?

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If you are going to a geek convention, then you need to be prepared. Under no circumstance should you wing it because conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con don’t come around every day and tickets can be hard to come by. But what exactly should you bring? Some stuff would apply to any event, but there are a few specific preparations that deserve your consideration. As long as you make sure you have all of these items, you will likely have one of the best experiences of your life.


The most important thing to bring to any event that sells merchandise is undoubtedly cash, and a good amount of it. Some conventions can get quite expensive, with some people spending hundreds of dollars. Take for example some of the items that have been sold at the San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll probably think it’s a waste of money until you find just the item you want. Even if you don’t spend the money you bring, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place on your person!

Cell Phone/Camera

At this point in life, you probably never leave your house without your smartphone. If your phone does not have a decent camera, though, you should definitely bring one. The imagery you will see at conventions will be worth sharing with all of your friends and family. You could even record a video showcasing all of the epic attractions that you see. While some areas might restrict cameras, that will unlikely be the case for the entire convention.

It’s also just always good to have your cell phone on you to keep in touch with your friends in case you get separated. Today’s smartphones also might allow you to use the internet to more easily navigate the convention (documents and maps are tiresome to carry around). That being said, any public WiFi offered at a convention should not be trusted due to unsecure connections and hackers likely watching the lines. Cybersecurity website Secure Thoughts recommends a VPN to encrypt your connection while you’re there. You don’t want to have to deal with identity theft when you should be enjoying yourself.


You need a sharpie for one simple reason. What happens if you see a celebrity and you have an opportunity to get an autograph? Sure, you could try and see if someone has a pen or sharpie but how much of a pain is that? It’s much easier to just pack a sharpie with you and it’s not as if it will take a lot of room. As an added precautionary measure, pack multiple sharpies just in case one of them runs out of ink. It would really be a bummer if your sharpie died out on you while you were staring at your favorite star.

Comfortable Shoes 

No matter what convention you are going to, be prepared to walk a lot. Having your feet hurt all day will really put a damper on the entire experience. Too much pain will be a distraction from all the fun you could be having. Your legs are going to get a workout no matter what you do, but comfortable shoes will delay the pain for as long as possible. If you already know you don’t have proper walking shoes, invest in getting a pair as soon as you can. Trust me, you will be thanking yourself later.

Water/Food (If Allowed)

Even though you need to bring cash, conserving it for the merchandise you want should be a higher priority than the concession stands. Just like going to a professional sports game, food and drinks can be very expensive at conventions. Check with the convention guidelines to see if you can bring your own water and snacks. This is especially important if you decide to wear a costume to the convention as it will eventually get hot in your costume and you will want water, if not need it.

There is truly nothing like going to your favorite convention, and preparation is an important step to ensuring convention success. If you have been to a geek convention, did you take all of these things? If not, did you miss these items? Are there any other essential items that you would bring? We would love to know your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

Author: Caroline Black

Caroline is an entertainment and technology blogger who loves to attend conventions whenever possible. She hopes that the next time you decide to go to a convention you remember all of these essential items to make your experience fantastic.

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