Social Media Team


This blog has on average between 12 and 20 active participants at any one time.  When chatting with us via social media, you may be curious who you’re talking to.  Here’s a breakdown.


Our articles automatically post over to Twitter when they get published.

The majority of Retweets, responses, and Direct Messages are done by the admin Angel.  The account is also monitored frequently by co-admin’s Undie GirlTara, Jamie, as well as editors Khai and Erin, and frequent con attendees Dot and Froggy.  Others may tweets from conventions occasionally.  Check out our Convention Calendar for clues about who is making convention related tweets at any given time.

If you have a question about who you are talking to at any given time, just ask!  We will sign our personal correspondences when character limit allows it.


The admin and all of our editors have access to the Tumblr account for article crossposting purposes.  Jamie is our primary queue scheduler, but other editors and admins may contribute to this as well.  At this time that includes: Angel, Undie Girl, TaraBekah, KK, Erin, and Khai.  All notices and messages will be signed by who you are talking to at that moment.

Dear Geekiary Tumblr

The inbox for the Geekiary Tumblr is monitored by the participants of that column, which includes Angel, Undie Girl, Tara, Jessica, and Farid.  All answers to submitted questions are assigned to whomever is best suited to answer and posted on our main site as part of the column.


All articles automatically crosspost to Facebook. Co-admins Angel, Undie GirlJamie, and Tara are admins of the page and have access to the inbox.


Instagram includes pictures from conventions taken by our entire staff, as well as occasionally geeky observations as we go about our daily lives.  Angel, Undie Girl, TaraDotErin, and Froggy currently have direct posting access.


Angel is the main Pinner.  She is also addicted to pin puns, much to Emily’s chagrin. She aPINogizes for the pin puns.  Erin also assists.

YouTube and Gmail

Our email and YouTube accounts are linked.   Angel, Undie Girl, Jamie, Farid. Khai, Erin, and Tara have access to these accounts.  All email correspondences will be signed by whomever you are talking to at any given time.