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  • Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

    Chromatica is the profoundly personal yet delightfully futuristic new album from Lady Gaga. As her sixth solo studio album, the songs tackle her own demons such as depression, loneliness, addiction, heartbreak, PTSD, and chronic pain, but through uplifting beats and downright bops, there is a feeling of hopefulness throughout that is undeniable, which is exactly […]

  • QUARANTINED FEELINGS Tiger King Watch Party

    We are still quarantined and we still have a lot of FEELINGS. Let’s get together and watch the one thing that can unite us all and realize there are even crazier things out there in the real world: Tiger King. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks […]

  • Netflix’s ‘Dracula’ Is A Surprisingly Modern and Fun Ride

    The latest interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula found its way to Netflix, and despite the story being familiar to film and literary fans, this one took inspiration from other modern stories, putting a refreshing twist on the story that we all know. It was surprisingly good by hitting all of the right humor and drama notes, […]

  • Christian Burns Talks Powerstation and the Return of BBMak

    It is a very exciting day in the BBMak fandom. Seventeen years since their last album, today is the day that fans finally get some new music from the guys in the form of a brand new album Powerstation. The trio is back in full force with music that sounds right on-brand, and it’s like […]

  • ‘Downton Abbey’ Is a Delightful Continuation for Fans

    The new Downton Abbey film is going to be a hit for those who are fans of the television show. While the film wasn’t entirely needed to tie up loose ends, it sure is a lot of fun to delve back into our favorite soapy British period piece. So why is this film actually so […]

  • The Good Place Previews Their Final Season at SDCC

    The Good Place is one of our favorite shows at The Geekiary. There is just something about that internal struggle of being a good person combined with workplace comedy and the right mix of great comedic acting that makes it so great. We aren’t the only ones getting emotional going into the final season, and […]

  • BBMak Is The Comeback We Have Been Waiting For

    Way back in 1999 at the height of boy bands such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and all the others, there was a lesser-known British trio called BBMak that fell into the anti-boy band category. The music was their focus through unique harmonization, ability to play instruments, and great songwriting, and there were no choreographed dance […]

  • Agents of SHIELD at SDCC: Beginning to Say Goodbye

    It is the beginning of the end for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but before they said goodbye, they made one more appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. The cast and producers are definitely emotional about the end, but are grateful to the fans, and so proud of the little show that could. And one thing is […]

  • iZombie 5×13 Review: “All’s Well That Ends Well”

    After five seasons, our favorite zombie show has run its course. “All’s Well That Ends Well” was a surprisingly action-packed series finale for iZombie that tied up pretty much every loose end and had about as satisfying of an end as possible. There were laughs, tears, gasps, and of course, the show had to get […]