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  • Potatoes, WayHaught, and More Tears: Wynonna Earp at SDCC 2018

    Dragons, sexy fog, potato-licking, and demons–these are all things that the Wynonna Earp fandom is very familiar with. The cast and creators descended on San Diego Comic-Con this year to talk fandom, what’s ahead for season three, and why Earpers are the best fans in the world. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy […]

  • Van Helsing Gets Even More Bloody at SDCC 2018

    Van Helsing has easily become one of my favorite shows. Maybe it is because of the twist on the classic vampire mythology, perhaps it is the amazing cast, or it could even be that it is one of the boldest and darkest shows on TV. Even though it is definitely a mix of all three, […]

  • YouTube’s Origin Challenges Viewers to Leave Earth at SDCC

    New series from streaming services is nothing new, but YouTube is entering the arena, and their newest series, Origin, made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. With a diverse cast (and some well-known heavy hitters), proven producers, and a platform that most have access to, Origin seems to be the series that YouTube is extremely […]

  • Siren at SDCC 2018: The Siren Song Comes to San Diego

    Siren has become one of our new favorite shows, so I was very excited to get a chance to attend the panel and press room at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. The main cast and executive producers talked about the inspiration for the show, what makes Siren different, and gave some great teasers for what is ahead […]

  • iZombie 4×13 Review: And He Shall Be a Good Man

    And just like that, season four of our favorite zombie show is over. iZombie gave us a lot to digest this season. ‘And He Shall Be a Good Man’ was an intense but satisfying season ending that could have very easily been a series finale. Luckily, we will get one last season to wrap everything […]

  • iZombie 4×11 Review: Insane in the Germ Brain

    Is someone cutting up onions? Because I have tears in my eyes. Who would have thought that a zombie dramedy would lead to crying? iZombie broke the hearts of all of their fans this week with “Insane in the Germ Brain”, and although the brain-of-the-week was lackluster, it’s just as well because it would have […]

  • Siren 1×5 & 1×6 Review: Curse of the Starving Class & Showdown

    The past two episodes of Siren were actually really enjoyable, and it is hard to believe that there are only four episodes left of the season! “Curse of the Starving Class” and “Showdown” not only moved the plot forward at incredible pace, but didn’t lose sight of the importance of those great tender moments among […]

  • iZombie 4×9 Review: Mac-Liv-Moore

    This week’s iZombie was Blaine-heavy, and although he is one of my favorite characters, he is teetering on the edge of becoming an over-the-top villain. Luckily, we had so much awesomeness in “Mac-Liv-Moore” that it helped tone down the mustache twirling that Blaine was inevitably doing behind the scenes. Read our before commenting. Please do […]

  • iZombie 4×8: Chivalry Is Dead

    I was seriously looking forward to this week’s iZombie because renaissance fairs and the like are kind of my jam. But the brain of the week in “Chivalry Is Dead” was a little too over-the-top for my taste, and with all of the confusing and sort of boring side stories, I found myself kind of […]

  • Universal FanCon Has Been Postponed Indefinitely: What Happened?

    Baltimore’s Universal FanCon was supposed to be one of the biggest fan conventions of the year. For its inaugural event, not only was it crowdfunded through Kickstarter, but it had some majorly awesome programming, guests, and vendors slated. But today, just one week away from the event, the convention was abruptly postponed, leaving attendees demanding […]