Killing Eve 2×2 Review: Nice and Neat

Killing Eve Nice and Neat
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While I was actually watching the new episode of Killing Eve, I felt as though it was a dragging a little…until it was over after what felt like only ten minutes. “Nice and Neat” was the perfect segue from a heart-stopping season premiere to the rest of the season two story. And yes, there were gasps all around.

The thing that I love about Killing Eve are all of the little details, whether is it a quick reference or call-back in some fast dialogue or that incredibly sexy soundtrack. “Nice and Neat” had all of the above, from Villanelle calling herself Cher Horowitz when trying to get out of the Julian situation to the realization by Eve that Villanelle was calling out to her with an apple from Gabriel’s murder scene that we witnessed last week. Those little touches make me want to yell from the rooftops about my love for this show.

But let’s talk about Villanelle’s story first, which was a little unexpected. She shockingly did not harm the family whose car she took up residence in during the trip from Calais back to England, which was a relief. Unfortunately, she found herself without her medication and had to come up with a plan fast, which put her in touch with a good Samaritan, Julian. From the offset, Julian seemed caring, but it was clear with all of the dolls and his reluctance to provide antibiotics to Villanelle that was something was up. When he kissed her forehead after she passed out from fever, the creep factor went off the charts, and I am glad that Villanelle, even in her terrible physical state, was able to catch on quickly. It was ever so satisfying when she finally was able to fight him off and get away…but not without killing Julian first. I was also a bit excited to see that Villanelle has a new handler, Raymond.

Killing Eve Nice and Neat
Photo Courtesy of BBC America

Speaking of that apple at Gabriel’s murder scene, it was clear to Eve that it was direct message to her from Villanelle and she loved it. Although Eve really wanted to spend all of her time focused on Villanelle, things quickly returned to the mysterious murder that we were introduced to last week. It became evident quickly that although this seemed like the same sort of hit that Villanelle would normally handle, this was not her work. We have a new female assassin in our midst! It was pretty awesome to see Kenny back in the fold, even if it meant letting the new team members, Jess and Hugo, think that they are having an affair so they can sneak off and talk about Villanelle.

One of the best parts of the episode was that gasp-inducer that happened at the end. Of course, we know that Carolyn is still super mysterious and we have no idea who she really works for, but when the presumed-dead Konstantin showed up her in living room, it was confusing for Eve and it was confusing for us (although it looks like Kenny wants nothing to do with it). I wonder what this means for the relationship between Carolyn and Eve, but also what kind of intel we may soon become privy to and how it will affect the search for Villanelle.

Although I thought this episode was mostly filler to get back on track from last week, it actually picked the pace right up a lot quicker than I anticipated. I am looking forward to seeing the new dynamic between Raymond and Villanelle and how the return of Konstantin will impact the rest of the story.


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