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  • The Walking Dead 7×13 Review: Bury Me Here

    Sadly, tonight’s Walking Dead episode “Bury Me Here” was a near-perfect example of one step forward, two steps back. Seriously, last week’s “Say Yes” was by far the best episode of the season, and I honestly hoped that the show would continue on that path; unfortunately, “Bury Me Here” was yet another bloated season 7 […]

  • Steven Universe 4×20 Review: Room for Ruby

    I’ll say this much about “Room for Ruby” – it wasn’t at all what I expected when I first saw the episode title and description…and in the end that was for the best. “Room for Ruby” began with one of the Rubies crashing down to Earth, something that was never actually explained in the episode […]

  • The Walking Dead Volume 27 Review: The Whisperer War

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers through The Whisperer War, Volume 27 (issues 157-162) of The Walking Dead comics. I didn’t enjoy The Whisperer War quite as much as the last volume, but a big part of that is because the current story line is as maddening as it is interesting. Reading The Walking Dead volumes […]

  • International Women’s Day with The Geekiary’s Editors!

    Although The Geekiary is going ‘dark’ tomorrow as part of the “Day Without A Woman” for International Women’s Day, we still wanted to do something to *mark* the day. Although our bios are available year-round on The Geekiary’s Team page, we decided that it would be fun to give you a bit more background on […]

  • The 100 4×04 Review: A Lie Guarded

    After it turned out that the secret bunker Clarke, Bellamy, and Jaha went searching for in last week’s episode of The 100 was useless, but that there was hope in nightblood, I really wanted to believe that “A Lie Guarded” would be an episode about searching for a permanent fix and nothing more.

  • The Walking Dead 7×10 Review: New Best Friends

    The Walking Dead has definitely put out some strange episodes prior to this one, but the overall weirdness of “New Best Friends” definitely takes the cake so far. “New Best Friends” focused on the Kingdom and on what happened to Rick and co. after we saw them surrounded by strangers in last week’s midseason premiere. […]

  • The Walking Dead 7×09 Review: Rock in the Road

    It’s pretty clear that The Walking Dead no longer cares about obeying normal run times…the question is, was that okay in tonight’s midseason premiere, “Rock in the Road”? No. No, it wasn’t. Nothing about this midseason premiere was good. I mean, I tried to be okay with it…gods know I tried. But when I can […]