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  • Why We Shouldn’t Totally Boycott Simon & Schuster

    Book publishing giant Simon & Schuster has begun to draw criticism for giving Milo Yiannopoulos, noted (and banned) Twitter troll and basically alt-right spokesman, a book deal. There are calls for a boycott, but I don’t agree with that. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks […]

  • About These #dumpstarwars People – Have They Ever Seen “Star Wars”?

    Earlier today a man named Jack Posobiec decided to announce his boycott of Rogue One because the writers had called it an “anti-Trump movie”. Within an hour the #dumpstarwars hashtag began trending, leaving actual fans wondering: have these people actually seen Star Wars at all? Not sure who this “Jack Posobiec” is? You are in good company. He’s just […]

  • Rogue One Writers Have Our Backs in Trump’s America

    In a move of support for the progressive community, two Rogue One writers  have uploaded safety pin Rebel Alliance logos on social media. After Trump’s unfortunate victory in the US Presidential election, a trend has popped up to express to solidarity with marginalized groups that may not feel safe anymore.  People are donning safety pins […]

  • Progressive Geeks: We Have Work to Do

    So far this website hasn’t made any specific posts about the US Presidential Election (except for highlighting the fabulous Ms. Marvel Get Out the Vote issue) because we’re not really a politics blog – we’re a geek culture blog. A lot of social issues tend to bleed over into geek culture, but in general the Presidential […]

  • Geekery and Activism Collide with the ‘Better Cup’ Project

    Better Cup – Facebook – Twitter – Website When I noticed the Better Cup project I was immediately intrigued. If it’s one thing we know well here at the Geekiary, it’s that us geeks can be very socially conscious and politically active about the causes that are important to us.  Combining the two activities seems […]

  • Walker Stalker Con Joins Boycott Against Discriminatory North Carolina Law

    Yesterday Walker Stalker Con announced that they will be postponing their Charlotte, North Carolina convention. This change is because they, along with many other companies boycotting North Carolina, hope for a repeal of the state’s bigoted law which forces people to use the restroom of their assigned birth gender regardless of their actual gender identity. […]

  • Disney and Marvel Take a Stand Against Discrimination

    Today it was announced that the Walt Disney Company – and by extension Marvel Studios – will basically boycott the state of Georgia should its “religious liberty” bill be made into law. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.

  • I’m Proud to be a Social Justice Warrior

    Trigger Warning: This article contains discussion about violence against women, rape, and abuse of other under represented groups. We here at the Geekiary take representation very seriously.  It’s in our FAQ, after all, so it’s not exactly a secret.  Getting accused of having an agenda isn’t something new and, after so many accusations, we decided […]