POLL: Favorite Summer Show


Summer is coming to a close and we’ve got to ask, what’s been your favorite summer show?  Have the angels of Dominion captured your interest?  Are the werewolves (and Kitsune and Banshee) keeping you entertained this summer?  Are the vampires and werewolves of True Blood giving you a good final season?  Let us know with your votes!

In order to be eligible for this poll, the show needs to have had episodes airing between June 1st 2014 and August, though the show could have premiered originally before that date.  Not every show is included simply because there are a lot of TV shows out there and the list is extremely long already.  We apologize if your favorite didn’t make the cut.

VOTING IS UNLIMITED, but Polldaddy has a built in system to reduce spam, which we have no control over.  If you vote too fast it will set you in a “cool off period.”  You should be able to vote again in a few hours.



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