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  • Ten Infamous Pieces of Fandom Lore

    What is fandom lore? Essentially, it’s the history of fans and their activities within fandom, particularly ones that have led to stories being passed around and becoming, well, something like legends – and not only within their communities, but within fandom as a whole. The explosion of social media throughout the past decade has caused […]

  • October 8, 2018 – New Queer Book Releases From NineStar Press!

    If you are looking for LGBTQ+ books to read, NineStar Press has got you covered. NineStar Press offers a range of titles spanning the queer spectrum. The titles released on October 8, 2018, include Angel’s Intuition, Red Between the Lines, and Listener’s Remains. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to […]