A Chat with Eddie McClintock


Bandit: So, let’s first talk about Warehouse 13.

Eddie: Okay

Bandit: How was it, these five years? How much did you enjoy it? I really enjoyed watching it.

Eddie: I mean it was the best job I’ve ever had. Being able to play someone that was as close to who I am as…

Bandit: So, the cookies?

Eddie: Everything, pretty much. I mean, Jack, our writer, he asked us at the beginning of the show, like, who we wanted the characters to be. I told him that I loved comic books, and Godzilla, and that I loved, that I was a former wrestler. I wrestled in college. And I’m also fourteen years sober. So, all that stuff, you know. He just…I’ve known him since 1998, he just wrote for me, you know? And anytime Joanne didn’t want to do a joke, Jack would just go “You’re on, kid”. So, it was really great and I miss it, a lot.

Warehouse 13Bandit: It’s pretty rare that you get writers to actually ask the actors what they wanted to be like.

Eddie: Yeah! Usually they don’t care. They’re just like show up, meet, pup it, say what I tell ya. And he
did that sometimes.

Bandit: So, what was your favorite episode from Warehouse 13?

Eddie: You know, the New Hour episode, was one of my favorites. The Telenovela episode. I just thought
that was really…

NYCC Staff: If she asks you about boxers or briefs, so not answer. It is a fake question.

Eddie: What about boxer briefs?

NYCC Staff: Boxer briefs are good. Boxer briefs is a rookie move, don’t do it.

Eddie: I go. I go boxer brief.

Bandit: Okay.

Eddie: Calivn Klien.

NYCC Staff: Orange!

Bandit: I appreciate the orange. Orange is my favorite color.

Eddie: I know right! I was like ‘What orange?’

Bandit: See, you showed me that now when my camera was away.

Eddie: I would to fog up your camera… I forgot what we were talking about.

Bandit: We were talking about favorite episode to film.

Eddie: Oh! Yeah! The Telenovela episode. That was probably the hardest episode to film because I had to like speak Spanish.

Bandit: You don’t know how to speak Spanish?

Eddie: I mean, I do, I know some, but, not…nooo, not that much. And it was just so over the top and broad, which is kind of my wheelhouse, you know. So, yeah, those two, and Duped from season one.

Emily Lake from season three. I really thought that was a great, powerful, you know, when we find Jinks dead up there and that whole thing.

Bandit: Yeah

Eddie: It was a testament to the show that people were as upset because it showed we had developed the characters enough to be upset.

Bandit: I have to ask about the ending of Warehouse 13 because…

Eddie: My hair?

Bandit: (laughs)

Eddie: Blame it on my wife. It’s her fault. She was like ‘You know, you should stop putting dippedy-do in your hair. You’ve got the same hairstyle since 90210.’ And I was just like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!’. So, then when I saw it I was like ‘No, no!’. You know, everybody was like ‘Your hair is fluffy, it’s pooffy, it’s fuffy. Is it a wig? Is it a toupee?

Bandit: Going full Chaka?

Eddie: I was going full Chaka. I looked like Chaka from the original Land of the Lost. So, yeah, I didn’t like it. I would never go back there. You know, it’s shame because people were focused a lot on that instead of just enjoying the show. I mean, it was a bad choice.

Bandit: If it were to continue, where would you like to see Pete?

Eddie: Gosh! You know, him and Mika together. I always said like she calls. Mika calls and she’s like over the phone and breaks up with Pete and then you hear in the background ‘Mika, darling! Come back to bed’ and that ‘Is that HG? Can I come over?’. So, you know, it would’ve been nice to learn more about Pete’s sister. But I don’t worry too much about that because the writers did such a good job. I trust them. I trusted them.

Bandit: So, coming up now you got Baxter. Tell me about that.

Eddie: It’s a Rainn Wilson from The Office. Written and created by Hart Hansen, who created Bones. I would call it a dramedy because it’s still funny. It has funny moments and I play…originally I was supposed to be his cousin but I think I was just a neighborhood kid who used to pick on him. Me and my brother used to pick on him when we were kids. Now, he has , he’s in a position of power. It’s funny, it’s a lot of fun. I hope it does well for him, he’s a really good guy.

Bandit: Let’s hope it does well for you.

Eddie: Thanks. I mean, you know, It’s just a one-off. My Castle…When I live-tweeted with Nathan, the
finale, I picked up like 5000 twitter followers in 24 hours.

Bandit: Wow!

Eddie: Yeah! So, yeah, he’s got 2.5 million, 3 million, or something.

Bandit: You should try to make friends with Misha Collins.

Eddie: Misha Collins?

Bandit: From Supernatural.

Eddie: Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! How many does he have?

Bandit: Millions. I don’t even know at this point.

Eddie: My t-shirt business would just like, can you imagine? Because I design there t-shirts.

Bandit: They are awesome.

Eddie: Thanks.

Bandit: Why did you come to ComicCon?

Eddie: Why did I come to ComicCon? There are a few reasons. I like doing these. I like meeting people. I like talking to people about my favorite subject…Me! I do like meeting the people that have supported me, you know. I think it’s cool. The fans are what keep people in the business. I think it’s important to have a loyal fan following. It’s important for people to go ‘Oh! I’ve made a good decision watching that show because he seems like a decent human being’ and you know. I also get to come to New York.

Bandit: Is it your first time here?

Eddie: No, I was at New York ComicCon two years ago, three years ago. So, it’s good to be back and it’ll be exciting to see what happens in the next few days. I hope there’s a good turn out

Bandit: it’s going to be quite busy.

Eddie: Yeah!

Bandit: How would you describe your relationship with Allison?

Eddie: Allison, just like anyone else, we had uh, ups and downs, and ins and outs. But I adore her. And you know, because I. I know you won’t believe this but I can be a little immature at times…

Bandit: Really?

Eddie: And she’s the anti-thesis of immaturity. So, you know, I think I drove her a little crazy at times but you know, I’ve always got her back and she knows that. And she’s just brilliant. She’s a great actress and our relationship is really good. It was nice to have her at DrivingCon because she doesn’t do many Cons.

Bandit: Is there any artifact that you would’ve liked to play with?

Eddie: The John Holmes penis pump because I’m Irish and it’s cold there.

Bandit: Don’t really think that was history.

Eddie: No? Then how do you think John Holmes got the big ‘Schredink’?

Bandit: But over all you did enjoy your time?

Eddie: Yeah, I loved it. Like I said, it’s the best job of my life.

Bandit: Is there any project or show you would want to be on?

Eddie: Yeah, I would’ve loved to be able to do Band of Brothers when it was on. I’d love to do a great historical war-story. Any show that actually exits. Yeah, I’d love to be on Homeland. I’d love to do Modern Family again. I’d love to do Bones again. Yeah, there’s a bunch. I mean, I just like to work. So I’m a cheap date.

Bandit: Just want you to know my family works in films too.

Eddie: Yeah.

Bandit: Thank you so much.

Eddie: Of course my love.

Bandit: I really appreciate it.

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