All 8 ORIGINAL SIN Marvel Covers by Arthur Adams, Combined!

Original Sin

For the hardcore print comic collectors out there, Marvel Comics has eight variant covers for their big summer blockbuster crossover, Original Sin. Each are magnificent on their own, featuring the brilliant art of long-time comics artist veteran, Arthur Adams. Combine them, and you have the above image.

The overall story of this picture and the Original Sin storyline is centered around a murder mystery of cosmic proportions,  involving the death of the Uatu the Watcher, a most powerful being in the Marvel 616 (current continuity) universe. In the center is Uatu’s eye, with Earth’s heroes and a plethora of cosmic players drawn together. What does it all mean? Go visit your retail comics outlet, local or online.

Here is the same image (found on Reddit) with the just the black and white pencil and ink finish:

Original Sin BAW

This insanely detailed image shows the best of Arthur Adams, whose pencils have wowed comic fans since the later 1980s through Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Dark Horse, and much more. His style is just as recognizable and unique as it ever was, making this a treat for his fans like myself, and a sudden desire to revisit his past work. Check out more work of his at

Personally, I love these cover gimmicks; for the novelty of enjoying each piece and knowing there is more to the story of each section. This leads to bigger appreciation of the insane detail at work. The poster suits a big event like this well, as my overall curiosity is heightened. The event isn’t over, but this cover will certainly capture more attention to this current happening.

Author: Orion T

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