May 2023 “Storm” Solo Comic Book by Ann Nocenti Promises Ororo Unleashed!

Storm solo series 2023
Storm Solo Series 2023 (Art by Alan Davis – Marvel Comics)

After a very long break, the iconic mutant Storm will be getting another solo miniseries. And while I’m excited as a Storm fan, I’m also a bit hesitant after reading what the upcoming story will be about.

Titled Storm, the miniseries will consist of only five issues written by Ann Nocenti (Daredevil) with art Sid Kotian (Gambit). The promo for the book promises Storm fans that we will get to see Ororo unleash her true powers as an Omega-level mutant. And yes, I know that we have heard such promises before. But, as of now, I do have faith in Nocenti. I will get to learn if my trust was misplaced or not when the debut issue is released come May 24, 2023.

As for my other concerns, I’m not really sure how I feel about the story taking place in the past. I want to see Ororo’s powers being explored during the present timeline. I want her to fully embrace being the Omega-level mutant Goddess that she is.

Another thing I don’t like is how the story will be set during Storm’s “punk” era; the years when she gave herself a mohawk. I don’t know about you, but having talked to a bunch of Storm fans over the years, the mohawk, while iconic in Ororo Munroe’s comic book history, has never been a fan favorite amongst the majority of the fandom. As far as I can tell.

Going by the description of the story, an “elemental power” will emerge near the Xavier Mansion. Said power will take Ororo “to the limit of her powers and beyond!”

The series will have Ororo’s omega-level mutation “evolve in a radical way” which will lead to her losing control “at a pivotal time in her journey as leader of the X-Men”. The narrative will follow Storm as she confronts a new enemy, “perform breathtaking never-before-seen feats” (I will be the judge of that!), and yes, apparently, she will also fall in love. Whether that love will be romantic or not remains to be seen.

Again, I’m excited about Storm getting a solo series in 2023 while also remaining busy in the upcoming ‘Sins of Sinister’ era with Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants (coming out February 8, 2023) and Al Ewing’s continuation of the X-Men Red series. However, I can’t help myself but slightly side-eye the story taking place in the past. Maybe having a solo series set in the present would have caused friction with what Ewing’s got planned for Storm? Hmmm.

I joke about how cool it is that Marvel ‘brings back us old timers to sing our greatest hits’ for the LEGENDS series, but it truly is an honor and a joy,” shared Nocenti. “When Editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner then asked me to write a story with ‘punk’ Storm, I wanted the story to reflect her outfit. I thought about punk musicians like Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols, and their apocryphal rebellious attitude. So it was exciting to start from there, and think, ‘What would Storm rebel against?’ Her own powers? The X-Men? Being Team leader?”

Again. What am I supposed to do to get a Storm solo series exploring her powers and magical heritage in the present?


If it’s any comfort, the upcoming Scarlet Witch issue 2 will feature a mini-story that’s supposed to explore Storm’s magical heritage.

Of course, I will be picking up the first issue of Storm and sharing my thoughts.

Are you excited about Ororo getting such a solo miniseries?

Let us know.

(via Marvel)

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