The Disney-FOX Merger Deal Officially Finalizes!

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Source: 20th Century Fox, 2014)

The long-awaited Disney-FOX merger deal has officially finalized, seemingly bringing an end to any doubt about whether or not Disney would actually be able to pull off this massive feat.

20th Century Fox and the creative properties housed under this company now officially belong to Disney. Since the rumors and subsequent confirmation about this Disney-Fox merger moving forward, opinions have varied regarding what this deal meant. Some worried that this move would ultimately hand too much power to Disney in regards to consumed media. Others, however, were just excited to see what kind of plans Disney might have in store for the previously owned 20th Century FOX Marvel superheroes, such as the X-men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four (Source: 20th Century Fox, 2015)

For about $71 billion dollars, The Walt Disney Company has finalized this Disney-Fox deal. But let’s get into what a purchase of this magnitude actually contains. For starters, Disney now owns the 20th Century FOX Film Corporations. This was where the X-Men movies, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four movies, and even Avatar lived. Additionally, Disney now owns FOX Television/FX. This is where popular television properties, such as The Simpsons and the American Horror Story franchise, call home. In the finalized purchase, Disney also acquired a “30% stake in Hulu“, according to the news reported by

With the merger Disney-FOX merger finalizing, this brings along with it some interesting questions. How does this change the landscape of film and television as we’ve come to know it throughout the decades? What does this merger mean for the FOX film properties that were already planned for release? I’m specifically talking about FOX’s X-Men-related movies, Dark Phoenix the New Mutants. Whilst Dark Phoenix already has trailers released and an official theatrical release date set, New Mutants might possibly fade into the shadows or just get released on Hulu, as opposed to the theaters.

The New Mutants (Source: 20th Century Fox, 2018)

But what do you guys think about this Disney-FOX merger deal being finalized? Are you excited about the possibility? Are you wary as to what this means for the future of Disney’s namesake? Tell us down below!

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