Disney to the Karens: Wear a Mask Or Stay Home

Walt Disney World Epcot mask

Disney isn’t here for your entitled attitude, Karen.  If you aren’t wearing a mask, you’ll be denied entry to their property and that’s that.

If you plan on going to Disney Springs when it partially reopens on May 20th, or plan on going to the parks when they reopen at some vague point in the future, you’re going to have to wear a mask to be admitted.  Disney is being surprisingly blunt about this policy, clearly anticipating push back from the Karens of the world and putting their position out there clearly to anyone who plans on going. 

Their website FAQs for the Disney Springs opening states the following

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?
Given this unprecedented situation, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges as responsibly as we can. With our robust measures in place, we believe a key factor in our success in reopening Disney Springs will be our Guests’ acceptance and adherence to our new protocols. Guests without masks will not be allowed entry to Disney Springs.

And, of course, people are pitching a fit in the comments of a recent Disney Parks Blog post about the subject, which is likely what prompted them to be unusually blunt in the first place. 

We will not go if masks are required, plenty of other beautiful places to visit this summer.

Patrick on May 18, 2020 at 3:19 pm

Okay, Patrick.  Then go there instead.  Walt Disney World isn’t mandatory.

If masks are mandatory I will not visit the park. We touch our faces more adjusting masks while exploring the park for hours a day. It should be optional.

Belinda on May 17, 2020 at 4:20 pm

Whatever, Belinda.  Stay home then.  Leave the Disney parks for those that have empathy towards others and can follow the rules to keep people safe.

I can say with certainty, that should Disney REQUIRE masks, our family will schedule a different vacation. Make masks available and optional for all who want them. If you feel they work, use one. Forcing another family to wear one for your comfort is not ok.

BRENT on May 11, 2020 at 10:24 pm

That’s not the point of masks, BRENT.  They are to keep others safe.  If it was just about your personal safety, sure, you can go get yourself sick and risk your life if you want, but that’s not why there is a mask mandate.  It’s to slow the spread.

They’re good masks, BRENT.

I am a Platinum Annual Pass holder who will be canceling if I have to wear a face mask!!! In the Florida heat , are you crazy? The mask would be soaking wet within a half hour and totally worthless. If Disney can’t open and allow the full experience we are all used to , then stay closed!

john on May 15, 2020 at 6:17 pm

Then just stay home, John. This isn’t a necessity anyway. 

Is someone holding a gun to these people’s heads and forcing them to go to Walt Disney World?  What the heck? What world are people living in where they feel entitled to an optional fun experience like this?

I’m incredibly saddened that disney will require masks. If anyone thinks this is temporary you are so wrong!!! Disney will NEVER be able to remove this mask requirement!! If disney fans dont take a stand now, this will be forever!!! I want everyone to look at your disney photos …maybe dig deep and look at the really old ones, please take a sharpie and cover your mouth and nose, because all your new photos your expressions, will be gone…that smile will not be seen. Our little ones faces will be emotionless…incredibly sad!! I’ve read plenty of studies to understand that the masks are not fool proof, [expletive deleted] do escape the mask, and let’s not forget the majority of people wearing the masks are CONSTANTLY touching there face, and more so for young children…the one thing that will really get you sick!!! I will not be taking my young kids to disney if this is the road they are going down. I’m extremely sad, our beloved happiest place on earth just got a mask covering its ‘happiness’:((((

Nicole on May 12, 2020 at 6:25 pm

Holy crap, Nicole. Chill out, please. This is a lot, man.  You’re basically trying to start a revolution because of a safety measure at a theme park. Take a break for a second and just think about that.

And yes, I had to delete profanity in their post.  Nicole went full KAREN and dropped some expletives on the Disney Parks Blog.  Good job, Nicole.  Such ‘happiness.’  Very magical.  Way to display that Disney spirit to the world on their blog.

Let’s be clear, here.  Walt Disney World is not a necessity.  They are opening up bits of the resort for people in an effort to ease back into something resembling the ‘normal’ we knew before the pandemic hit.  But this pandemic is not over. Not by a long shot.  We are a long way off from being able to fully experience ‘normal’ again. 

If you don’t like that, you can easily go to another vacation destination that doesn’t have this requirement and leave the Disney properties for those of us who care about the health and safety of our fellow guests.  It’s clear you do not. You feel entitled and it shows.

When Shanghai Disney reopened, there wasn’t nearly as much backlash.  They had the same face mask requirement there, but people just followed the rules and had a great time.  It was absolutely strange seeing people wandering around in masks – it was very dystopian – but people were having fun and experiencing some Disney magic in the middle of all of this global nightmare.  And honestly, that feels worth it for me.  At least experiencing the magic is possible, even if we have to be a little uncomfortable for a while to experience it.

And trust me, I get how uncomfortable masks are in Florida-like weather.  I live in Hawaii.  We’re similar to Florida when it comes to heat and humidity, but when I went out today to run an emergency errand, I wore my darn mask and got it done.  It was sweaty and uncomfortable but I had to do what I had to do.  If I planned on going out to an optional experience like a theme park, I’d wear it there too. 

These are choices.  Theme parks are optional.

So suck it up, Karens.  If you want to to have the privilege of experiencing a little Disney magic, you just have to put on a mask and deal with the discomfort that comes with it.  Do it, or stay the heck home.  The Mouse has spoken.

Mask Disney
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