Comic Book Reviews (Week June 22, 2022): Immortal X-Men Issue 3, SIKTC Issue 24 & More!

immortal x-men issue 3 review
Immortal X-Men Issue 3 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Welcome to my comic book review round-up for this week. I will be talking about Immortal X-Men issue 3, Something Is Killing The Children issue 24, I Hate This Place issue 2, and more!

Let’s begin by talking about Immortal X-Men issue 3. From writer Kieron Gillen, Immortal X-Men issue 3 offered a wonderfully written chapter tapping into Destiny’s past and what she needs to do in the present to secure a possible future for mutant-kind. I really enjoyed Gillen’s writing as he used Destiny as the main narrator. This was one of those issues that made me want to read it more than once and Irene isn’t even on my list of favorite X-Men characters.

The art by Lucas Werneck with colors from Dijjo Lima worked beautifully with Gillen’s writing to paint an engrossing look at Destiny’s life and how important Mystique was for her. The two are ready to burn the world to protect the other and, frankly, I’m here for it. This issue struck the right balance between romance, hope, and sadness as Irene got to work on writing a new book about her visions.

Also, it was weird to see Storm present at the meeting when a few panels ago Emma said Ororo was busy over in Arakko. Either Storm found the time or her presence was a mistake by the art team.

Does it have obvious queer characters? Yes.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP

I Hate This Place issue 2 review
I Hate This Place Issue 2 (Image: Image Comics)

I Hate This Place Issue 2

From writer Kyle Starks, I Hate This Place issue 2 offered me a chapter that made me wish some streaming network would pick up this story for a live-action adaptation. There’s something refreshing about seeing the lead characters not being passive while dealing with the strangeness and danger around them. Trudy and Gabby don’t understand what’s actually happening, but at least they are trying to get some answers.

The scene where the two went to meet a psychic made for a very creepy moment that I enjoyed. And the second issue continued with the gore when our leads came back to the ranch. The current conflict involved the supernatural and a murderous human. So, I’m looking forward to seeing how Trudy and Gabby will deal with the situation when the two threats inevitably meet. Until then, let’s see if a ghost hunter can offer some assistance.

Does it have obvious queer characters? Yes.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

The Silver Coin issue 11 review
The Silver Coin Issue 11 (Image: Image Comics)

The Silver Coin Issue 11

The 11th chapter in The Silver Coin horror anthology series, while predictable, was quite enjoyable. Writer James Tynion IV did a good job of introducing us to some new characters and having their lives drastically altered due to the curse of the silver coin. This was a very ‘be careful what you wish for’ kind of installment as things at a local diner got out of hand in the span of a day for an old waitress as she tried to manage very hungry customers.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: Pick it up.

Kaiju Score issue 3 review
Kaiju Score: Steal From The Gods Issue 3 (Image: Aftershock Comics)

Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods Issue 3

From writer James Patrick, Kaiju Score: Steal From the Gods issue 3 featured a turn that raised the stakes even higher for Michelle and her crew. What began as a heist involving a giant monster named Prodathu turned into some very cult-like shenanigans. With the story nearing conclusion, let’s see if Michelle (and what’s left of her crew) will be able to save the world.

Rem Broo’s art continued to be a major highlight. Broo’s ability to place the panels to guide the reader’s eyes in a certain direction is quite impressive.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: Pick it up

The lonesome hunters issue 1 review
The Lonesome Hunters Issue 1 (Image: Dark Horse Comics)

The Lonesome Hunters Issue 1

The debut issue of this new supernatural story was quite intriguing, in my opinion. I liked how Tyler Crook gave us a duo we don’t often see. We got a cowardly old man (basically immortal) named Howard in possession of a stolen magical sword and a young teen girl named Lupe in possession of a silver pocket watch. Living in the same apartment building, the two had to work together when Lupe’s uncle got attacked by some kind of demonic bird.

The flashback had a lot of death and talked about the occult. And while we got some information about Howard’s magical sword, I’m looking forward to learning more about the silver pocketwatch Lupe stole from her uncle in the present. The debut issue served as a nice start. Here’s to hoping the following issues continue to deliver.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: Pick it up.

Nocterra issue 11 review
Nocterra Issue 11 (Image: Image Comics)

Nocterra Issue 11

Writer Scott Snyder didn’t disappoint, offering a very action-heavy chapter in Nocterra issue 11. The story continued to grow Piper as a character as she came to realize her true role in everything that’s been happening and how she can save the world. It took her long enough, but at least she got there.

My only gripe would be that the Bill vs William fight was a bit too short. But then again, I guess Snyder also had to add Val and her crew running away from the facility before it got destroyed by the Megas. I did like the emotional beats as Val told her crew to run while she stayed back to delay the Megas. I mean, it was clear Val wasn’t going to die. But I still appreciated the way the entire scene played out. I can’t wait for her to meet up with Em and the others.

Does it have obvious queer characters? No.

Recommendation: Pick it up!

Something Is Killing The Children issue 24 review
Something Is Killing The Children Issue 24 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Something Is Killing The Children issue 24

While enjoyable, issue 24 of Something Is Killing The Children had a filler-ish feel to it. I get that certain panels were used to help readers become engrossed in the creepy vibe, but still, I couldn’t help but feel that said panels were being used to stall the story. Everything that happened could have been condensed into half an issue.

But still, writer James Tynion IV is telling an incredibly exciting story. Not only does Erica have to figure out a way to kill what’s been attacking people in the town she’s in, but she’s got the crazy and mysterious Ms. Cutter after her, too. Erica vs Ms. Cutter is going to be awesome! I can’t wait!

Does it have obvious queer characters? Yes.

Recommendation: Pick it up.

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Which comic books did you read this week? What did you think of Immortal X-Men issue 3? 

Let us know.

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