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  • Teen Wolf 5×8 Review: Ouroboros

    While this week’s episode of Teen Wolf delivered a few answers, it also gave rise to new questions… Again! Season 5A only has two episodes left, and I hope the writers are able to provide viewers some sort of closure regarding the Dread Doctors and don’t drag the plot into 5B. The episode “Ouroboros” opened […]

  • “Fantastic Four” Movie Review: Nothing Fantastic About It!

    I didn’t intend to see the new Fantastic Four film, but then the negative reviews started flooding in, and I was intrigued to see for myself why the film was being deemed awful. I thought that perhaps critics were overreacting and I might see something positive. Unfortunately, the moment the main characters came on screen […]

  • Ms. Marvel #17 Review: Last Days – Part II

    The second issue of Ms. Marvel’s tie-in to Secret Wars came out this week, and it brought the team-up we have all been waiting for. It was a treat to watch Kamala Khan working with Carol Danvers, her idol, and trying to make the best of time before the end of the world. We have […]

  • Netflix Renews Sense8 for a Second Season!

    All Sensates around the world rejoice because Netflix has renewed one of the most awesome TV shows, Sense8, for a second season, and it can’t premiere fast enough! Fans have been waiting for months for any news about Sense8’s renewal and, being someone who dabbles in the fandom, I know that some fans started losing […]

  • Lionsgate is making a ‘Naruto’ live-action film and I am worried!

    Lionsgate is ready to bring Naruto into the realm of live-action films and I am more than just concerned. Hollywood doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to adapting manga/anime series to the bid screen and there’s a huge possibility it will be another failure. Lionsgate presented successful franchises like The Hunger Games, […]

  • Extant 2×5 Review: The New Frontier

    A lot of things happened in this week’s episode of Extant and I enjoyed seeing the writers focus more on the interactions between the characters. A lot of times a show ends up focusing too much on the big picture and doesn’t spare time to flesh out characters. This is where Extant is different and […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×6 Review: Required Reading

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf Season 5 delved further into the mystery of the Dread Doctors and gave one of the most obvious creature revelations near the end. Even though I have my problems with the current season I found myself enjoying “Required Reading”. First I’m going to talk about the Liam/Hayden romance and […]

  • Extant 2×4 Review: Cracking the Code

    So much has happened in just four episodes of Extant Season 2 that I can’t wait for the finale, which I know is going to be epic! In “Cracking the Code”, Molly experienced more biological changes and Lucy showed that she wasn’t going to let any computer program control her even though she was a […]

  • Maya Glick Brings the RAIN for Storm Fans!

    While there hasn’t been any news about a female superhero solo film from Fox yet, it is heartwarming to see fans being enthusiastic about the idea, especially when it comes to Storm from the X-Men. I got to talk to Maya Glick about her fan-made Storm film RAIN. Check out our exclusive interview to know […]