The Bitching Dead x 11: The Walking Dead 9×02 & 9×03 Review – ‘The Bridge’ & ‘Warning Signs’

The Walking Dead season 9 episode 2 The Bridge Episode 3 Warning Signs review The Bitching Dead
Carol and Ezekiel in TWD S9 Ep 2 ‘The Bridge’ (Image: Screengrab)

In this week’s episode of The Bitching Dead, Tara, Bekah, and I discussed The Walking Dead season 9 episodes 2 and 3, titled ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Warning Signs.’ It has been clear for many years the writers are not interested in quality storytelling.

Even with Angela Kang becoming the showrunner for The Walking Dead season 9, the current episodes have been unable to offer anything exciting for plot and character development. There were a few good moments centering around Carol and Ezekiel in episode 2, but if we are only invested in character relationships and not the actual plot, well, the writers need to do better.

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Some of our discussion points:

  • How they cast Zach McGowan just to kill him off after three episodes.
  • Aaron talking about changing baby diapers with Daryl.
  • How, in The Walking Dead world, you lose a spouse and gain a baby.
  • Aaron losing an arm because the writers decided to use disability as a storytelling gimmick.
  • Is Jesus going to help Aaron raise a baby?
  • Ricksposition!
  • Rick wanting Michonne to have his child for the future and not because Negan said so! Sigh!
  • Carol and Ezekiel!
  • Anne/Jadis and Gabriel!
  • Which interracial couple on the show is likely to end due to death because that’s how TV works.
  • How Maggie will make her exit.
  • Do we even care about Oceanside killing Saviors?

As there is so much other awesome stuff you could be doing with your time instead of watching The Walking Dead season 9, we also shared a few recommendations!

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 9 episode 2 (The Bridge) and episode 3 (Warning Signs)? Let us know.

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