The Bitching Dead Episode 10: The Walking Dead 9×01 Review “A New Beginning”

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 1 A New Beginning The Bitching Dead

Even though The Geekiary won’t be reviewing every episode of The Walking Dead season 9, it doesn’t mean we won’t be talking about it. The Bitching Dead episode 10 covered the second half of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead season 9 premiere (A New Beginning).

The Walking Dead Season 9 ‘A New Beginning’ spoilers follow. You have been warned!

I don’t blame my fellow writer Bekah for not wanting to review The Walking Dead season 9. There is no need to put in any amount of unnecessary effort for such a series. Even with Angela Kang becoming the showrunner, ‘A New Beginning’ didn’t feel like a new beginning at all. The episode ended up following predictable beats with a couple of interesting scenes.

As for Fear the Walking Dead season 4, I have to admit I found the show to be better than most seasons of The Walking Dead. However, the second half of FWTD season 4 came across as eight episodes of filler.

Check out The Bitching Dead episode 10 where Bekah, Tara, and I talk all about it!

In our 10th episode, we covered our favorite as well as least favorite moments from the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season 4. We also tried to come up with theories about what might happen to Morgan and the rest moving forward.

Then we discussed ‘A New Beginning,’ which wasn’t the worst of The Walking Dead season premieres.

Some of our discussion points:

  • The new TWD opening sequence looks very cool.
  • Should Judith have grown so much during an 18-month time jump?
  • Where is the other baby girl Rick rescued from the Saviors?
  • The 100 and The Walking Dead crossover confirmed!
  • Of course, the glass floor in the museum was going to break.
  • Dependency on plot devices instead of an actual plot.
  • Carol and Ezekiel!
  • Carol and Daryl!
  • Jesus has to kick zombies and do the most because he has to remind viewers what he’s all about.
  • Will Jesus and Aaron work as a couple?
  • Danai Gurira is too good for this show.
  • Gregory finally dying was amazing!

What did you think of ‘A New Beginning’? Will The Walking Dead season 9 be able to make viewers come back to the show? Let us know.

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