Boomerang 1×10 Review: Trust

boomerang season episode 10 Trust review
Bryson and Simone in “Trust” (Image: Screengrab)

Where do I begin with this messy yet highly enjoyable Boomerang season 1 finale? I loved every second of it because it continued to allow Simone to be human. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second season.

If you read my review of the Boomerang premiere you would know I wasn’t a fan of Bryson and Simone as a couple. But then Lena Waithe and her team used their impressive writing skills to make me a fan of such a pairing. And then they used ‘Trust’ to mess it all up. I am living!

The finale had a lot of drama, but it was the type of drama that made sense because it was something human beings do.

How many of you end up in your feelings when you see an ex moving on with their life when you see an image on their socials?

It would be safe to assume a lot of us do, especially when the relationship was good yet had to end due to certain circumstances and different goals in life.

I loved how we got to see a side of Simone which reminded me of her father Marcus from the original film. She is someone who likes to be wanted by everyone and seeing her ex (Camden) moving on so fast didn’t feel right to her.

Throughout the episode, you could see Simone making mistake after mistake even though she is in a relationship with Bryson. You just knew something bad was going to happen, and even when it did (because it was highly expected), the writing team did an awesome job of making it impactful.

It was refreshing to see Camden not being portrayed as an angry male ex who was trying to ruin Simone’s life. He wasn’t a bad guy. He felt real. ‘Trust’ showed how relationships with exes are for a lot of people. You can’t simply wish certain feelings to go away or ignore them. They pop up and sometimes the need for closure can lead to poor decisions.

The trust between Bryson and Simone has been broken and it will be interesting to see if they are able to fix it.

Maybe the two will realize they just weren’t supposed to be a couple and will remain close friends? Maybe they will work through it?

Whatever they decide, you know I will be watching when Boomerang returns for a second season.

Waithe and her team have created a fun group of characters I want to see more of. Like seriously, there is a scene in ‘Trust’ where Simone is texting with Camden, and it made me realize I wouldn’t mind watching an entire episode which is just the entire cast texting each other and sending small video clips to tell a story.

The characters (even if the actors are off-screen) are just so interesting.

And while I want Halle Berry and other cast members from the Boomerang film to appear, the fact I can watch a few more seasons with just the current TV cast shows how well-constructed they are.

In a sense, they don’t need Berry (and the rest) to shoulder this series. However, having said that, I wouldn’t mind if Berry and others do drop by down the line.

My very short wishlist for Boomerang season 2:

Are you watching Boomerang? What did you think of ‘Trust’? Let us know.

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