‘Revengers Buttgame’ Is Exactly What You Need To Relax Before Endgame (Seriously)

revengers buttgame courtesy of Chuck TIngle

With Avengers: Endgame looming on the horizon, we’re all bracing ourselves for what is sure to be a gloriously painful experience. Heck, a lot of us are still in shock from Infinity War. That kind of sustained tension can wear you out before your butt even hits the seat for Endgame. You need to unwind – and if you’re not opposed to mixing some incredibly explicit content into your feels, Chuck Tingle’s newest Tingler Revengers Buttgame is a weirdly perfect way to knock the tension level down a few notches.

Editor’s Note: Revengers Buttgame does contain explicit sexual content, so there is some brief suggestive language in the full title included in this article. 

First of all, the book’s full title is Revengers Buttgame: Antguy Gets Small To Go Into Thamos’ Butt Then Gets Big And Hard. That’s par for the course for Chuck Tingle. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s a writer who specializes in absurdist LGBTQ+ erotic novels called Tinglers. He gives his e-books ridiculously smutty and blunt titles that basically go viral every time he releases a new one (and he has a lot).

Tingle’s work has attracted a dedicated audience of fans for one main reason: the stories all have an improbable amount of heart. In between the graphic and absolutely outlandish sex scenes (OUTLANDISH, okay, one features a man enthusiastically “enjoying an airplane’s company” with zero explanation of how that even works) his characters all show love and respect for each other as a default. Chuck Tingle imagines a world where everyone can get along if they focus on what connects them rather than what separates them.

Just as a reminder, what connects them is almost always genitals. These are erotic novellas. But with feelings and heart! If erotic fiction can be said to be fluffy, Tinglers are as fluffy as a pack of Akita puppies.

In Revengers Buttgame our hero Antguy takes one for the team and tries to pull off The Plan (you know the one). To his surprise he finds himself falling for the purple dinosaur-headed Thamos instead. Here’s the summary from Chuck Tingle’s site:

revengers buttgame courtesy of chuck tingleThe Revengers are a group of mighty superheroes who aren’t used to losing, but when a powerful cosmic dinosaur named Thamos claps his buns together and makes half the universe disappear, they’re absolutely devastated.

Now Ironbutt is calling the heroes back together with a brilliant plan: to send Antguy into the past on a mission to make things right. It’s up to Antguy to use his amazing powers, shrinking himself down, entering Thamos’ butt, then blowing up extra large.

Unfortunately, the heroes didn’t quite consider the strength of Thamos’ galactic buns, but Antguy soon finds himself using the power of love to change the course of history with a hardcore anal encounter that’s out of this world!

Tingle writes these fast, so there is an odd typo or two. I spotted one place where “Thamos” autocorrected to “Thomas”. Still, it’s definitely worth the $2.99 price tag. You will laugh so hard you’ll probably hurt something, and if you’re anything like me you’ll lose it again imagining this as one of the alternate universes Dr. Strange saw in Infinity War.

This Tingler has an extra non-smutty story at the end called Dressed Up Handsome And Not Pounded Because Cosplay Is Not Consent. It’s a hilarious story of a guy attending Tinglecon and having to deal with harassment in his fun-but-skimpy Darth Bater costume. Tingle gleefully beats the reader over the head with the story’s message, which includes a reminder that people fix their problematic behavior faster when their friends hold them accountable for it. Like I said, this is weirdly wholesome smut.

Plus, you’ll be 2% more emotionally prepared for Endgame later this month.

Have you read Revengers Buttgame? Are you a Tingler fan? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Author: Khai

Khai is a writer, anthropologist, and games enthusiast. She is co-editor (alongside Alex DeCampi) of and contributor to “True War Stories”, a comic anthology published by Z2 Comics. When she’s not writing or creating games, Khai likes to run more tabletop RPGs than one person should reasonably juggle.

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3 thoughts on “‘Revengers Buttgame’ Is Exactly What You Need To Relax Before Endgame (Seriously)

  1. “If erotic fiction can be said to be fluffy, Tinglers are as fluffy as a pack of Akita puppies.”

    Back when I wrote fic, I liked to call it smuff – smutty fluff! It never caught on, though. 😉

  2. Real talk the cosplay story hit me in the same place as the ending of Captain Marvel. Right in the “yeah I’m not interested in jumping through hoops to fuel your emotional growth so bye” spot.

    You gotta love Chuck Tingle.

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