Breaking Glass Pictures to Release French LGBTQ+ Series “Woke” Season 3 This December

Woke season 3 release december 2021
Woke Season 3 (Image: Breaking Glass Pictures/PR)

Fans of the French LGBTQ+ series titled Woke (Les Engages) can look forward to season 3 being released by Breaking Glass Pictures on DVD and Digital come December 7, 2021.

Created by Sullivan Le Postec, Woke season 3 (Les Engages: XAOC) stars Mehdi Meskar and Eric Pucheu as Hicham and Thibaut. The third season will see the two characters once again being submerged in the world of activism, secrets, and self-acceptance.

According to the description of Woke season 3, the story picks up when Thibaut saves a Chechen refugee from a nearly fatal trap. During the ordeal, Thibau discovers a trial program for human rights protection that has provided shelter for several people in Europe. As for Hicham, after the death of his cousin during a fight with the police, he returns to his tower-block neighborhood in Saint Étienne.

Both characters find themselves in a race against time. Thibaut has to find the mole inside the European institutions in order to save the lives of those protected by the European program, while Hicham has to reveal the truth about his cousin’s death and fight the fake news about the case, which is spreading and threatening their actions.

Here’s the intense trailer!

From what I could gather, the first season of Woke debuted back in 2017 with a second season following in 2018. The first season premiere involved Hicham, a young Muslim man, running away from home in search of a man named Thibaut, whom he saw in an online video highlighting his commitment to the LGBTQ+ cause. However, Thibaut, fighting a local politician, is nowhere to be found.

Written by Sullivan Le Postec, Woke season 3 consists of three episodes (approximately 45 minutes each) for a collective runtime of 135 minutes. Along with Meskar and Pucheau, the cast also includes Adrian De La Vega as Elijah Vandewalle, Denis D’Arcangelo as Claude Favre, and Nanou Harry as Nadjet Alaoui.

On December 7, 2021, Woke season 3 will be available on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon, Vudu, Vimeo, and on DVD.

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