Captain Kirk and the Gorn Reunited

Kirk v Gorn
Kirk v Gorn

Captain James T Kirk vs the Gorn.  It’s the most epic battle in the history of battles.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch the first part of their epic show down.


I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you over how awesome that is.  It was an emotional battle, requiring wits as well as strength, ultimately ending with Kirk making a canon out of crap he found on the surface of the planet (this became a featured myth on Mythbusters).  Kirk won, obviously, because this happened in the first season and the show lasted 3 seasons and several movies and there isn’t millions of words written about the epic love affair between Spock and the Gorn (Sporn? Gock?).  Kirk was the champion, my friends.

But now here we are, 46 years later and they get to have another go at it.


The trailer is for the new video game based on the new series of movies (I’m very excited about the new movie, guys!), but it’s a wonderful nod to The Original Series (TOS).  I’ve been spending some time catching up on the show and there are certain moments where I have to pause and freak out a little because it’s a scene I’ve heard so much about.  The Gorn battle is one of those moments, right alongside Spock’s Ponn Farr episode (Amok Time),  the Trouble with Tribbles, and, well, so many little shippy moments between Kirk and Spock (let’s just be honest, I’m a shipper, and when this happened I freaked out because I’d heard about it, but experiencing it is an entirely different thing).

The moment the Gorn lifted up the couch cushion I started crying with laughter.  And then the same exact choreography from the iconic battle interrupted by fits of wheezing as both Shatner and the Gorn start to show their age.  And then “now you’re just over acting.”  It’s just too much.  How is this so magnificent?  Major props to Shatner for taking part in this.

The game gets released on April 23rd.  The movie Into Darkness comes out on May 17th with advanced screenings in select locations starting on the 15th.  I may or may not be counting down the minutes.

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