Captain Marvel #9 Review


When we last left Carol, her and Tic were back on their galactic adventures after a strange run in with Rocket Raccoon. If those issues weren’t strange enough for you, this most recent addition has really taken the cake. I’m honestly not sure where De Connick is going with it.

So in this issue, the ladies are visited by Lila Cheney. Now, I was never a New Mutants fan, so I had to do a bit of research when she showed up in this issue. For those of you also in the dark, Lila is a mutant musician (like Dazzler wasn’t enough?) who has the power of intergalactic teleportation via a personally-generated tachyon field. She doesn’t have the ability to travel short distances, so uses a Dyson Sphere as a stopping point when it’s required. She also can only go to specifically known places, mostly those she’s been before. She’s pretty much an intergalactic Nightcrawler who rocks out and who tends to use her powers for personal gain sometimes.

10384098_10100472215810392_5070389130681916649_nWhat makes this issue weird is that a majority of it is written in rhyme, something our darling Carol isn’t too good at, mind you. Lila is supposed to marry the prince of Aladna. Interestingly enough, though it is an arranged marriage (which she wants no part of), it’s part of a reversed social commentary with the handsome prince stating that “[a] man’s choice is not his own. Not even when he’s grown. His parents can choose for him. Give his choice or even sell it on a whim.” Instead of it being a woman (as it is in real life), a man is treated as property. Lila gets out of the marriage as Carol battles another woman vying for the position, and, as a weird twist, Tic ends up marrying the guy. Like I said, very strange.

Ultimately, I’m not sure how I really feel about this issue. All the rhyming, the random (at least for me) character cameo, the somewhat Jem and the Holograms feel to the issue (don’t get me wrong, I love Jem and the Holograms, but seriously, I thought someone was going to bust out with “truly outrageous” at some point), and the seemingly shoehorned social commentary… everything felt kind of odd. I’m also not a big fan of the art this issue either. As a huge Carol Corps fan, who partied when I heard our gal was getting her own movie in Phase Three (July 6th, 2018 for those of you living under a rock), but I’m not sure about where the story is ultimately going. I know Carol is kind of on a walkabout and we aren’t supposed to know where it leads, but like her, I kind of feel lost at the moment. I’m sure with the cliffhanger at the end, where she gets a mysterious letter, we’ll have direction once again. If not, I’ll just wait for the next “cameo of the month” and sigh.

Author: Bandit

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