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  • Junjou Romantica 3×9 Review: A Battle of Irreconcilable Enemies

    The Junjou Romantica tango rages on.  This week we got to see Ijuuin-Sensei and Usagi’s dinner date, which I must confess I am less than enthused about.  And, once again, we get a small five second snippet of Kirishima, reminding me that, yet again, there are other parts of this universe much more worthy of […]

  • Why Misty Is the Best Female Companion from Pokémon!

    The Pokémon franchise is a behemoth whether you are a fan of it or not. I got introduced to Pokémon through the anime years back, and since then I’ve seen a lot of changes occur, namely the number of female companions with whom the hero Ash Ketchum traveled. While Ash is currently travelling with his fifth new […]

  • Junjou Romantica 3×8 Review

    Here we go through the repetitive motions of the Junjou Romantica Tango.  Two steps forward, one step back, a dash of jealousy and emotional constipation, then a few sweet moments followed up by sexual assault and unhealthy possessive behavior played for laughs.  What a great ride!  At this point, if you can’t tell, I’m really […]

  • Naruto Shippuden 18×426 Review: The Infinite Tsukuyomi

    This week’s episode of Naruto Shippuden – The Infinite Tsukuyomi showed Madara execute his final plan as he covered the whole world with his ultimate genjutsu. With how dire things look, Team 7 is going to have a very hard time trying to save everyone! As soon as Madara activated his genjutsu, Sasuke flew back […]

  • Naruto Shippuden 18×425 Review: The Infinite Dream

    This week’s episode of Naruto Shippuden showed Kakashi seeing how much each member of Team 7 had grown over the years while they made their stand against Madara during the war. The episode opened with Sakura Haruno’s inability to destroy the Rinnegan. Now before some of you start about how worthless Sakura is as a […]