Talking to ‘Kidnap’ Actress Chris McGinn About Her Acting Experience and More!

Kidnap Chris McGinn Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Chris McGinn and we talked about her acting experience, working alongside Halle Berry in Kidnap, and more!

If you’ve seen Kidnap, you’ll agree that Chris McGinn was amazing in the role of Margo, one of the kidnappers. I got to talk to her about the auditioning process, working on the film with Halle Berry and her other co-stars (which includes Lew Temple and Sage Correa), as well as the rest of projects she has worked on.

Some of the other things we got to talk about in the interview include:

  • Relativity Media filing for bankruptcy and how it affected Kidnap and everyone involved.
  • How it felt to finally see Kidnap getting a premiere.
  • Working with Sage Correa.
  • Some exciting deleted scenes that (fingers crossed!) might end up appearing in the Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Check out the interview in full!

As for the film itself, Kidnap was released in the U.S on August 4, 2017. It was projected to make $8 million on opening weekend, going against the high-budgeted Dark Tower and Detroit. The action-packed thriller exceeded expectations and had a debut of $10.2 million (according to final box office numbers)!

I’ve seen Kidnap three times. First I went in with my critic-glasses on and yes, I was unable to enjoy it. As shown in the interview, Kidnap isn’t that kind of movie. It is a popcorn flick and trying to critique every single scene is just going lessen the fun. Surrender yourself to the movie (like I did) and it’s sure to give you an enjoyable ride.

It’s not the best movie out there, nor is it trying to be. It’s a fun take on a normal female character doing what she thinks is right to save her son, and in that ‘female-heroes-going-against-female-villains’ department, it delivers.

Also, feel free to tell how awesome Chris McGinn is in the film as Margo. You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Have you watched Kidnap yet? Did you enjoy it? Let us know!

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