DC’s Stargirl 2×05 Review: “Summer School: Chapter Five”

DC’s Stargirl: “Summer School: Chapter Five”

The JSA confronts Eclipso for the first time as Courtney and Cameron grow closer in “Summer School: Chapter Five.”

After learning more about Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) in “Summer School: Chapter Four,” the Justice Society of America (JSA) finally face the terrifying threat in “Summer School: Chapter Five.” While the anticipated showdown was by far the most exciting part of the episode, there were some important developments for the JSA and their impending battle with the new Injustice Society of America (ISA).

The episode mostly centered around Cameron (Hunter Sansone), as he tries to move on after the death of his father. Cameron spends his time painting a mural on the side of a building in honor of his father, unaware of his true villainous nature as Icicle. Cindy (Meg DeLacy) attempts to recruit Cameron to the ISA, but he wants nothing to do with her. While Cameron’s rejection of Cindy is great, it will be interesting to see how learning the truth about his father and the end of the episode discovery of his own ice powers will change him going forward.

Much of Cameron’s storyline in this episode revolves around his potentially budding relationship with Courtney (Brec Bassinger). While he and Courtney shared some cute moments last season, their dynamic in this episode didn’t work for me. Early in the episode, art teacher Deisinger (Randy Havens) sees Cameron’s sketches of Courtney. The teacher subsequently becoming invested in a student’s love life and encouraging him to pursue Courtney comes off as a bit creepy, even if well-intentioned. The moment makes it feel like the writers are trying to force the idea of Courtney and Cameron rather than allowing it to happen organically.

As Courtney attempts to pursue Cameron, Yolanda’s (Yvette Monreal) protectiveness of Courtney and seeming dislike of Cameron is amusing. Their almost kiss is interrupted by a perfectly timed series of text messages from Yolanda. While Cameron’s disappointment is understandable, he accuses her of always leaving and his overreaction comes across as a bit much.

Pat (Luke Wilson) is a frustrating character in this episode. He refuses to believe Beth’s (Anjelika Washingon) suggestion that the original Dr. Mid-Nite, Charles McNider, is still alive. Rick (Cameron Gellman) defends Beth in another sweet moment between the two, and Pat should know better than to be dismissive of the idea in the super-powered world that they live in. In addition, Pat continues to keep a secret about Eclipso from Courtney and the rest of the JSA that will no doubt blow up in his face. Finally, Pat agrees to let Mike (Trae Romano) help the JSA in some capacity after trying to address his loneliness, but not without criticizing him first.

Eclipso becomes a more looming threat as the weather in Blue Valley is affected by its presence. The Shade (Jonathan Cake) visits Barbara (Amy Smart) at her office and asks her to pass on Eclipso’s location once the JSA finds it. It is strange that The Shade hasn’t been able to locate the diamond holding Eclipso himself, especially if he is able to follow Courtney’s whereabouts in this and the previous episode.

DC’s Stargirl: “Summer School: Chapter Five”

After her confrontation with Cameron, Cindy sets Eclipso on Deisinger and he becomes possessed into painting what Eclipso tells him to. The JSA, using the weather to track Eclipso, find the school’s art studio covered in paint. A painting of Eclipso comes alive on the wall and Yolanda, Rick, and Beth are tormented by their inner demons while Eclipso manifests in an exciting, yet horrifying sequence. Seeing Eclipso use the JSA’s fears against them is heartbreaking and hopefully, they will be able to overcome them. While Courtney successfully ends the fight by using her staff to extract Eclipso from Deisinger, the threat of Eclipso is far from over.

In the aftermath of the battle, Beth confronts her parents about their divorce. They confirm their mutual decision but do nothing to comfort Beth as they delay further discussion on the matter. It’s hard not to feel bad for Beth, and hopefully, Rick and the rest of the JSA can support her.

After failing to recruit Cameron, Cindy assures Isaac (Max Frantz) and Artemis (Stella Smith) that they don’t need him and focuses her attention on recruiting Mike. With a showdown between the JSA and ISA looming, it will be interesting to see what Mike’s role will ultimately be in the conflict and how Eclipso will take advantage of both sides in this and the next season.

Author: Jessica Wolff

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