Digimon Ghost Game 1×10 Review – “Game of Death”

Game of Death Digimon Ghost Game episode 10 review
Kiyoshiro and Tesla Jellymon in “Game of Death” (Image: Digimon Ghost Game Season 1 Episode 10)

Digimon Ghost Game season 1 episode 10, ‘Game of Death’, revealed something new about Kiyoshiro and also helped Jellymon unlock her Digivolution.

Kiyoshiro and Jellymon are my favorite duo Digimon Ghost Game. With Kiyoshiro being a coward and Jellymon being quite out there, I’ve been enjoying their interactions with each other. ‘Game of Death’ had Kiyoshiro step up to the plate to rescue a bunch of kidnapped humans.

The plot of the episode had two Digimon siblings called Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon infecting a video game to face off against strong players. Failing to defeat Kinkakumon during the game resulted in the player being sucked into their computer screen and into Ginkakumon’s gourd where they would remain until fully converted into alcohol for Ginkakumon. 

Digimon Ghost Game anime hasn’t shied away from dark moments. We have seen humans be put in dangerous situations a couple of times now. However, in my opinion, seeing human bodies fermenting inside the gourd was definitely one of the darker scenes in the anime. I loved it.

Even though Kiyoshiro stopped playing the video game after hearing the rumors about players getting kidnapped, he had no choice but to play it to help save Hiro’s friend Nomura and the other victims. ‘Game of Death’ showed Kiyoshiro being an impressive gamer. I liked how he worked together with Jellymon (who went inside the game) during their battle with Kinkakumon. Kiyoshiro took his time to figure out Kinkakumon’s range of attack to come up with an effective counterattack. Even when Ginkakumon cheated to make his sister stronger, Kiyoshiro and Jellymon were able to hold their own due to the power of their bond.

A major development in ‘Game of Death’ involved Kiyoshiro breaking his limit. It’s revealed that there’s a threshold when it came to how scared Kiyhiro could get. Being scared filled up his scare meter. Reaching what the anime called ‘Integer Overload’ resulted in Kiyoshiro fainting. However, when he regained consciousness, he had the chance to enter a ‘Limit Break’ status that resulted in him becoming more confident and being able to face his fears.

An injured Jellymon crying out for Kiyoshiro and trying to wake him up made for a very emotional scene. Yes, she liked having fun at Kiyoshiro’s expense. But she also really cared about their friendship. The strength of their bond helped Jellymon Digivolve after she’s able to deliver an electrical shock to wake Kiyoshiro.

While I would have liked a longer battle between Tesla Jellymon and Kinkakumon, I was also impressed by how she was able to defeat her opponent with a single hit by using her ‘Physalist’ attack. With Gammamon having undergone two different Digivolutions, I’m glad to see Jellymon unlock her next level. Here’s hoping Angoramon unlocks his Champion level soon.

Even though I still have an issue with Digimon Ghost Game not offering a lot of information about what the main threat is supposed to be and why Hiro and his friends were chosen, I still enjoyed ‘Game of Death’ due to being a fan of Kiyoshiro and Jellymon.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • With Hiro’s friend Nomura having experienced his second Digimon-related event, I wouldn’t be against him learning about Hiro’s secret and offering some kind of support.
  • Due to Bokomon moving into a library near Hiro’s dormitory, I hope we get information about the main threat soon.
  • What is up with Kiyoshiro and his bandaged hand?
  • Ruli didn’t have much to do in this episode. And that was a bit disappointing to see.

What did you think of ‘Game of Death’?

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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