Digimon Ghost Game 1×7 Review – “Birds”

Birds Digimon Ghost Game anime episode 7 review
Creepy crows in the bedroom in ‘Birds’ (Screengrab: Digimon Ghost Game episode 7)

Digimon Ghost Game episode 7, ‘Birds’, showed our young heroes deal with a threat in a different manner than usual. Gammamon also unlocked a new Digivolution!

Apparent from the episode title, ‘Birds’ felt inspired by Hitchcock’s iconic movie The Birds. While this wasn’t the most creepy episode of Digimon Ghost Game, I think it still had its moments. One of my favorite scenes involved a young girl walking to her bedroom to check on her pet bird only to find a bunch of crows waiting for her.

This was also the first episode featuring an adult man deciding to help a Digimon fulfill a particular goal without the two being DigiPartners. In my opinion, Crowmon/ Yatagaramon wanting to free caged birds, after entering the human world, made sense. Of course, the way Crowmon decided to go about doing so put people in danger.

After the events of the previous episode, Hiro, Ruli, and Kiyoshiro have definitely become a team. Kiyoshiro even built an HQ for them. With Hiro and Ruli doing investigative fieldwork with their DigiPartners, Kiyoshiro and Jellymon stayed at the team’s base of operations to analyze the collected data.

I’m okay with Kiyoshiro staying away from the field unless necessary, at least for now. I enjoyed watching him share information with Hiro and Ruli from HQ. Due to our young detectives solving mysteries in the current narrative arc, it made sense for one of them to stay back and go over evidence boards, maps, etc. Kiyoshiro was very proud of himself when he figured out Crowmon’s next target because the pattern of the previous attacks formed the Fibonacci sequence. He also told Hiro and Ruli to return because the crows won’t attack after sunset. I want to see more scenes showcasing Kiyoshiro’s intellect.

The final battle against Crowmon was a bit surprising. Due to how a majority of the previous episodes had played out, I fully expected Hiro to use his Talk No Jutsu on Crowmon and convince the powerful Digimon to not unleash the predatory birds being kept in the local sanctuary. Instead of seeing Hiro and Crowmon have a heart-to-heart, the writers decided to give viewers an enjoyable battle.

Being an Ultimate level Digimon, it was understandably tough for Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon to fight Crowmon. I think the action sequences did well when it came to depicting the power gap between our heroic Digimon and Crowmon.

Facing such a powerful opponent is what led to Hiro helping Gammamon unlock a new Digivolution called KausGammamon. I found the character design for KausGammamon to be quite cool. It basically the head of a blue Ceratopsian fused with the body of a gliding lizard.

KausGammamon Birds Digimon Ghost Game anime episode 7 review
KausGammamon in ‘Birds’ (Screengrab: Digimon Ghost Game episode 7)

A thing I didn’t like, however, was how the battle was resolved. Even though KausGammamon was able to land some hits on Crowmon, it was clear he still wasn’t strong enough to properly defeat an Ultimate level Digimon. However, instead of Crowmon continuing to fight, it decided to simply fly away. Was it just bored? I have no idea.

I don’t think the writers explained Crowmon’s motivations well enough. Crowmon could have still set the predatory birds free from the sanctuary even with KausGammamon doing his best to stop it. Who’s to say Crowmon wouldn’t try again tomorrow?

Also, what about the man who helped Crowmon free numerous birds from pet stores while causing property damage? I thought Hiro and the rest were going to call the cops on him. But the episode showed the man running after Crowmon without Hiro or anyone else trying to stop him. Again, who’s to say he wouldn’t try to continue the mission again?

So, while ‘Birds’ had some interesting moments and gave us a new Digivolution, the resolution felt unsatisfactory, in my opinion.

But feel free to share your thoughts.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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