Digimon Ghost Game 1×5 Review – “Divine Anger”

Divine Anger Digimon Ghost Game anime episode 5 review
Jellymon interacting with Kiyoshiro in ‘Divine Anger’ (Screengrab: Digimon Ghost Game anime season 1 episode 5)

Digimon Ghost Game season 1 episode 5, ‘Divine Anger’, gave me what I had been waiting for. Kiyoshiro got to meet his DigiPartner Jellymon and both are finally part of Hiro’s team.

Right from the debut episode, Digimon Ghost Game didn’t waste time telling viewers that Kiyoshiro was a coward and very superstitious. I knew that the strange occurrences around him were related to Jellymon, and ‘Divine Anger’ confirmed that. Turns out, Jellymon’s been playing ghostly pranks on Kiyoshiro for laughs. She’s quite intrigued by how a prodigy like Kiyoshiro could be such a coward.

It’s revealed that due to being a genius, Kiyoshiro went to the US to study. He was able to obtain a Master’s Degree at the age of 13 (I don’t think the anime specified his major). He came back to Japan due to his love of manga and anime. He wanted to experience the life of an average high school student in Japan.

Not only that, the bandage he’s been wearing on his right hand served no purpose, as far as Jellymon’s concerned. Apparently, he got inspired by some anime and decided to do go ahead and bandage up his right hand to act as a seal for, I would assume, a curse he believes he’s carrying around. Kiyoshiro’s a mess and I’m here for it!

Due to his physical talismans not working against Jellymon’s ghostly pranks, Kiyoshiro used his brain to create virtual talismans and spread them around his location (in people’s personal electronic devices and public machines) to stay safe and get a warning if something supernaturally bad was about to happen. Yup. Kiyoshiro’s the hacker of the team!

I also liked how Jellymon’s smart in her own right. From what I remember about the original Digimon anime, while Izzy was the team’s hacker, Izzy’s DigiPartner Tentomon wasn’t as smart as him. In contrast, Jellymon’s smart enough to mess with Kiyoshiro’s virtual talismans to disrupt the flow of currency. She also helped Kiyoshiro create a vaccine against the malfunctioning talismans before time ran out.

Apparently, Jellymon’s all about doing certain activities as if she’s playing a game. She’s highly competitive and needs to be the best at the game she’s decided to play. Jellymon got interested in the concept of human money and the greed it led to. That’s why she changed the “Money” part of Kiyoshiro’s digital talismans to mess with the economy in the human world. I’m looking forward to seeing what other activities she will take an interest in and how she will showcase she’s the best when it comes to said activity.

Due to the disrupted flow of money, ‘Divine Anger’ was about Majiramon arriving in the human world to punish Kiyoshiro. Due to running out of time, I liked how Hiro and Ruli stepped up to stall Majiramon and the three other Digimon (Quetzalmon, Bitmon/Rabbitmon, and Oryxmon/Goatmon) he was with. Their plan didn’t work. But it’s the thought that counts.

‘Divine Anger’ showed Kiyoshiro having to face a threat on his own and he didn’t disappoint. He stood up to Majiramon and helped Jellymon unlock her ‘Bibi Thunder’ attack to break the final talisman. It was a nice moment to show that Jellymon wasn’t going to leave Kiyoshiro when facing a dangerous foe and that Kiyoshiro also had it in him to stand his ground and do what needed to be done.

Having said that, I don’t know why Majiramon decided to go after Kiyoshiro when it was Jellymon who caused the mess in the first place. Kiyoshiro swearing to Majiramon that he wouldn’t cause an economic emergency again made no sense to me. I guess he wanted to protect Jellymon by taking all of the blame?

With Jellymon having seen Kiyoshiro in a new light, I hope their dynamic changes a bit in the upcoming episodes. Jellymon’s constant pranks on Kiyoshiro were causing him obvious emotional distress. As far as I’m concerned, pranks stop being funny the moment emotional or physical distress is involved.

‘Divine Anger’ ended with Kiyoshiro trying to make sense of what he just went through after learning about the existence of Digimon and needing to save his life from Majiramon. Jellymon looked at Kiyoshiro with concern and called him “My darling.” Her voice was low enough that Kiyoshiro couldn’t hear her.

I mean… what the heck?

Even Ruli, who was sitting close to Jellymon, was surprised by what Jellymon just said. I hope we get an explanation soon. As of now, my theory is that Kiyoshiro, being an impressive hacker, might have unknowingly created Jellymon when he was younger and that’s why she called him her darling and was concerned about him.

Unlike the original Digimon series, we still haven’t been given a reason as to why Ruli and Kiyoshiro obtained DigiPartners. Angoramon liked Ruli’s piano playing skills and so he stuck around. Apparently, Jellymon was curious about Kiyoshiro’s cowardly nature and wanted to play pranks on him. There’s no prophecy involved to explain why Hiro, Ruli, and Kiyoshiro are the main trio of human kids with Digimon. And I don’t think Hiro’s father played a role in selecting Ruli and Kiyoshiro.

However, with Jellymon calling Kiyoshiro “My darling”, I think there’s something deeper going on. There’s got to be a reason why these three kids were chosen. Also, the last thing I want is Jellymon having a crush on Kiyoshiro. This is the first Digimon anime giving a male DigiDestined a female-presenting Digimon. Adding a weird crush in their dynamic would be poor writing, in my opinion.

Other thoughts and questions:  

  • Did Hiro give Jellymon the Vital Bracelet or just leave it in Kiyoshiro’s room? Or did Jellymon steal the Vital Bracelet from Hiro’s room because she wanted Kiyoshiro to finally see her? I think ‘Divine Anger’ should have been clear about it.
  • I would like an explanation about the functionality involved in the mysterious space. Is every Digimon forced to remain in the mysterious space when Hiro activates the particular mode? Are they not able to escape to the human or Digital world unless Hiro deactivates the mode?
  • Hiro being in awe of Majiramon’s gigantic size was so in character for him. Yes, he knew Majiramon was a threat that needed to be stopped, but Hiro was understandably excited about seeing such a huge Digimon for the first time. Hiro’s always ready to learn more about the Digital world.
  • I really thought Angoramon was going to fly to Hiro’s school while carrying Ruli.

What did you think of ‘Divine Anger’?

Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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