Storm Makes a Tough Decision for All Mutants in Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17 – IvX Tie-In

Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17 Storm IvX Inhumans vs X-Men

Due to the current Inhumans vs X-Men event, Storm is forced to make a tough decision in Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17 to ensure the survival of her species.

This post contains spoilers for Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17. Proceed with caution.

Even though I still can’t get behind the premise of Inhumans vs X-Men, the event seems ready to give us some good character moments. The Death of X showed Cyclops dying to save the mutant race. It also gave Emma Frost the time to polish her plan. An eight-month gap has been tense for mutants and Inhumans and both species finally had to fight each other in IvX issue 1.

War goes against who Storm is and that’s what Jeff Lemire focuses on during Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17, a tie-in to the Inhumans vs X-Men event. The story is told from the perspective of a human girl named Alisha as she tries to find Storm before her sister, a mutant named Maya, dies. The entire issue is very emotional as it shows how other people see the X-Men as heroes and the responsibilities the mutant team has to fulfill.

The story takes place somewhere inside the IvX Issue 1 timeline, after Storm has sided with Emma and Magneto but before the X-Men attack the Inhumans. Jeff Lemire does a splendid job of showing Storm’s growth as a character. She started out as a thief, was worshipped as a Goddess, became an X-Men, a rebel, a Queen, and a leader. She is an icon who has to shoulder the burden of making tough decisions for her people.

By the end of the issue, Storm decides that the mutants need to stand up and she has to do what is right, even if it goes against who she is as a person. If mutant survival means war, then she will lead them without question. I do hope we get to see more insight into Storm’s mind as the IvX event continues.

The Inhumans were faced with a similar situation decades ago when they were forced to leave Earth and settle on the Moon. Now the mutants are facing the same dilemma, and I hope the Inhumans’ past decision is mentioned during the war.

If the Inhumans were willing to leave Earth, why can’t mutants do the same or try to make X-Haven safer? Also, why haven’t the Inhumans tried to contain the Terrigen Mist instead of allowing it to inevitably disperse throughout the atmosphere and killing mutants? These issues need to be addressed for IvX to have an impact as a story.

Have you read Extraordinary X-Men Issue 17? What did you think of Storm’s decision? Let us know!

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