Comic Book Reviews (Week 11/27/2019): Black Panther Issue 18, Fallen Angels Issue 2, and More!

Black Panther Issue 18 review
Black Panther issue 18 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Hey, all! Welcome to my comic book review roundup for this week (11/27/2019). I’ll be going over all of the titles I’ve read. My review list includes Invisible Woman Issue 5, Fallen Angels Issue 2, X-Force Issue 2, Black Panther Issue 18, and many more. So, let’s begin!

I’m going to start my review roundup with Black Panther Issue 18 because it ended up being everything! Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has a way with words and narrative-building that’s incredibly impressive. This issue showed T’Challa telling Ororo what had happened to him. Coates took this opportunity to dive deeper into the different privileges T’Challa and Ororo grew up with as well as the blinders they both have as characters.

black panther issue 18
Black Panther Issue 18 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Even though both of them know that slavery is wrong, it doesn’t mean they can immediately recognize it. T’Challa’s vision is colored by the fact he is royalty while Ororo was (and still is) worshipped as a Goddess even though they’ve both experienced many hardships.

black panther issue 18 review
Black Panther Issue 18 (Image: Marvel Comics)

The fact that the Intergalactic Wakandan Empire was built on slavery continues to eat T’Challa from the inside and he wants to do everything in his power to end it. I liked how Ororo compared the Empire with America’s history of slavery. Coates basically wrote an essay on the African-American experience and the prejudices minorities have to face while visualizing it as a powerful conversation between Black Panther and Storm.

Other than that, Coates also added some light moments, with my favorite being the one where the Wakandan staff was gossiping about what Ororo and T’Challa were up to. I’m so here for a Downton Wakanda series!

The sales of Black Panther, as far as I know, haven’t been great. Here’s hoping Marvel allows Coates to finish his story before the inevitable relaunch of the Black Panther comic book series. The art is okay. I do like how this comic remembers what Storm’s eyes are supposed to look like. Her pupils should come across as cat-like slits.

Also, for those wondering, Black Panther Issue 18 revealed that T’Challa does know about Krakoa. With Wakanda wanting nothing to do with the mutant nation, it’ll be interesting to see how he and Ororo continue their relationship.

Recommendation: Even if you aren’t reading this series, do consider picking up Black Panther issue 18 to experience what Coates has to say.

Fallen Angels Issue 2
Fallen Angels Issue 2 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Fallen Angels Issue 2

I tried getting into this new series. I did. It’s just not for me. I’m done with it. Maybe I’ll pick it up again after a couple of months? Let’s see.

Invisible Woman Issue 5 review
Invisible Woman Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Invisible Woman Issue 5

This week’s issue served as the conclusion to Sue Storm’s solo adventure. It was an enjoyable read, and I think Mark Waid’s story will work better when it comes out together as a trade edition. Through this series, Waid’s been able to show very creative ways of displaying Sue’s abilities. I really enjoyed the panel where Sue talked about how tough it was for her to keep her powers in check. Making sure not to kill others to quickly solve problems takes a lot of strength.

Invisible Woman Issue 5 review
Invisible Woman Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Recommendation: A fun read with some great art by Mattia de Iulis.

New Mutants Issue 2
New Mutants Issue 2 (Image: Marvel Comics)

New Mutants Issue 2

Even though I’m not the biggest New Mutants fan out there, I enjoyed every panel of this comic book. Written by Jonathan Hickman, the second issue had the young mutants facing trial and of course being found guilty while in outer space. It was great to see the gang back together and I can’t wait to learn what happens next, especially because it involves Lilandra and Professor Xavier’s daughter.

The art by Rod Reis helps give this story a very different look. Reis ensures to have every face show some type of emotion to make the characters feel real.

Recommendation: The second issue continues this series’ trend of balancing action and personal moments. Pick it up!

Valkyrie Issue 5 review
Valkyrie Issue 5 (Image: Marvel Comics)

Valkyrie: Jane Foster Issue 5

I decided to pick this comic book series up after only having read the first two issues. Currently, I’m still ‘meh’ about it. The art by Cafu is gorgeous, though.

X-Force Issue 2 review
X-Force Issue 2 (Image: Marvel Comics)

X-Force Issue 2

I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this comic book series either. The entire premise of how Professor X was killed made no sense to me and having it be the force driving this particular narrative made me roll my eyes. However, I do want to talk about Joshua Cassara’s art. There’s so much body horror. I loved seeing it!

Batman Beyond Issue 38 review
Batman Beyond Issue 38 (Image: DC Comics)

Batman Beyond Issue 38

I decided to check this comic book out because I had seen some grumpy fanboys wailing about a woman taking up the ‘Batman Beyond’ mantle. Do these crybabies not know that fictional woman superheroes exist in comic books?

Anyway, this week’s issue dealt with Bruce Wayne trying to figure out who would have the nerve to steal Terry’s suit and fight crime in his place. The appearance of Blight, in the end, has made me interested in reading the next issue. However, I’m not a fan of Terry having lost his memory.

Recommendation: The art by Sean Chen is kind of okay. Like me, even if you haven’t read any of the previous issues, writer Dan Jurgen’s Batman Beyond Issue 38 does make for a good point to jump in. I had no trouble understanding what had transpired in the past. You should consider picking it up.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 45
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 45 (Image: BOOM! Studios)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 45

Issue 44 of MMPR promised us an exhilarating battle and that’s exactly what we got in Issue 45. Why the heck does this comic book series continue to be so good? It’s freaking 45 issues in and I can’t stop reading it.

I do think Marvel and DC Comics can learn a few lessons from writer Ryan Parrott when it comes to creating engrossing long-running stories without having to relaunch titles almost every year or two.

The defeat of Lord Zedd has clearly allowed other dangers to take his place and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The art by Daniele Di Nicuolo is great. Every panel feels dynamic even when the characters are simply talking to each other.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Which comic books did you read this week? Please, tell me you had the chance to read Black Panther issue 18? What about MMPR Issue 45? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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