Comic Book Reviews (Week 10/16/2019): X-Men Issue 1, Batman Issue 81, and More!

Batman Issue 81 review
Batman Issue 81 (DC Comics)

Hey all! Welcome to my comic book review roundup for this week (10/16/2019). I’ll be going over all of the titles I’ve read. My review list includes X-Men Issue 1, Batman Issue 81, Something is Killing the Children Issue 2, and more. So, let’s begin!

I’m going to start with Batman Issue 81. Considering how Tom King’s original Batman solo run was cut short by DC Comics, the latest issue was an obvious example of a writer trying to hurriedly tie things up. However, having said that, I’m not sure if the mess King created was going to work out even if he had a couple more issues to spread out the plot.

Are you familiar with certain anime characters that talk about how they had planned everything from the beginning while other characters look at them in shock? Well, that’s what Batman Issue 81 did by using Bruce. But still, I would have sided with the explanation if it made any sense, though. Maybe it did in King’s mind? For me, it was all over the place. Also, it turns out, Bruce hits his kids to communicate, which, why? Also, Grandpa Batman was able to take down a team that consisted of Barbara, Batwoman, Batwing, Tim, Damian, Huntress, and freaking Cassandra Cain! Nothing makes sense!

Batman Issue 81 (DC Comics) in X-men issue 1 Review
Batman Issue 81 (DC Comics)

The art by John Romita Jr. & Mitch Gerads did this issue no favors.

Recommendation: Might as well pick up a copy if you’re interested in following King’s run.

Justice League Issue 34
Justice League Issue 34 (DC Comics)

Justice League Issue 34

I skimmed through this issue. I’m still waiting for something big to happen. From what I could tell, Hawkeye pulled a Star-Lord move (from Avengers: Infinity War) and basically ruined a plan because of her emotions.

What I don’t understand is how such a major event continues to ignore Trigon. Is he okay with Raven getting hurt? What is happening?

Recommendation: The art by Bruno Redono & Howard Porter is good. So, there’s that.

Teen Titans 35 review
Teen Titans 35 (DC Comics)

Teen Titans Issue 35

Teen Titans continues to be a fun comic book story. Writer Adam Glass does a satisfying job of sharing why Roundhouse decided to treat the team in a very surprising manner. The current arc has grown dark and I’m here for it. The expressive panels by artist Bernard Chang and colorist Marcello Maiolo bring everything together.

Recommendation: Pick it up!

Titans Burning Rage Issue 3 review
Titans: Burning Rage Issue 3 (DC Comics)

Titans: Burning Rage Issue 3

The only reason I decided to read this story by Dan Jurgens is because of Raven. While I liked seeing her in the long action sequences, the main arc in Issue 3 is more focused on Beast Boy. It also involves a surprising team-up. The art by Scot Eaton gets the job done when it comes to conveying the urgency of the mission.

Recommendation: I’m still undecided about this one.

Contagion Issue 3 (Marvel Comics)

Contagion Issue 3

To be fair, I have no idea why I’ve read three issues of this story. The writing by Ed Brisson makes no sense. The moment Invisible Woman was infected in the first issue, I stopped feeling invested in this event. The fact she doesn’t have a shield around herself during missions was such a huge plot convenience to take down three members of the Fantastic Four.

Recommendation: If you’re into body horror meets superheroes, then I guess you can give it a try.

Something is Killing the Children Issue 2 review
Something is Killing the Children Issue 2 (BOOM! Studios)

Something is Killing the Children Issue 2

I’m going to begin this review by saying you need to pick up this story by James Tynion IV! You should also read my review of the debut issue. It’s so good! Tynion IV’s words really take on a life of their own through the appealing yet creepy artwork from Werther Dell’Edera and colorist Miquel Muerto. I really hope some streaming service decides to do a live-action adaptation of this comic book story. It’s queer and scary. Yo, Netflix! I’ve got the next big thing for you once Stranger Things concludes.

In the second issue, we got to learn a bit more about Erica Slaughter as well as how the small town was dealing with the disappearing children. I can’t wait to get answers to an entire list of questions.

Recommendation: Seriously! You need to read this story!

X-Men Issue 1 review
X-Men Issue 1 (Marvel Comics)

X-Men Issue 1

This is the first story after writer Jonathan Hickman’s grand scheme that was displayed during the Powers of X and House of X comic books. It focused a lot on Scott Summers and his family (who have taken up residence on the Moon). Also, yes, with Scott, Jean’s, and Logan’s rooms being connected, Hickman knows he has given power to the rumors of those three being in a polyamorous relationship. Maybe Emma likes to join occasionally? The X-Men seem to have grown a cult-like mentality. And even though everyone is happy, you just know something will give. It has to!

As for the story, we got to see Scott leading a team (Storm, Magneto, and Polaris) to save the mutants being experimented on by Orchis. Hickman knows how to write Scott and it feels nice to see him under a positive light after everything he’s gone through.

Hickman’s Storm is another story in X-Men Issue 1. I have a feeling he has something planned for her. Ororo felt a bit off, but maybe it’s because she’s close to exhaustion? The story kept telling us she was basically running on fumes. After saving the mutants, she decided to postpone taking a break to keep an eye on two mutants who were radiating energy on levels that worried her. How long can the Weather Goddess keep it up?

X-Men issue 1 review
X-Men Issue 1 (Marvel Comics)

Also, talking about Gods, you can tell it’s something Magneto desperately wants. Even though he might act all high and mighty and is revered by the inhabitants of Krakoa, deep down, he knows he isn’t a Godly being. I mean, knowing Storm is an actual Goddess must really sting. Ha!

The art by Leinil Francis Yu isn’t the best. The faces are a bit weird, but the overall look isn’t too distracting. The colors by Gerry Alangulian are simple, yet effective.

Recommendation: It’s a slow issue, but very well-written. Pick X-Men Issue 1 up! Hickman has brought about a new age for the mutants and you don’t want to be left behind.

Which comic books did you read this week? Let us know.

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