Spin Master 2021 Preview – Making Me Wish I Was 10 Again

Spin Master 2021 PreviewIn absence of an in person Toy Fair this year, as the Javits Center is currently a mass vaccination site, some of the companies took to virtual presentations in order to show off their upcoming toy lines for 2021. I was thrilled to get an invite to the Spin Master 2021 Preview, and as usual, I logged off wishing that I could be 10 years old again. I am super excited about some of these toys, everybody.

The Spin Master 2021 Preview was a treat, with a lot of really interesting and amazing toys on display. But I’m going to focus on all of the toys that I was particularly exited about in the hopes that you will all be just as excited about them as I am.

All descriptions and images are courtesy of Spin Master.


The latest incarnation of Bakugan warriors are here! When I was invited to the 2019 Invitational Tournament, the big thing for 2020 was the Pro line of products and Armored Alliance. For 2021, the line is Geogan Rising. Introduced in season 3, the Geogan are an ancient species that come in a variety of shapes.

Geogan Rising Collectible One Pack

Add extra battling power to your Bakugan game play with all-new Geogan. Rising from the depths of Vestroia, these mysterious characters are unlike any Bakugan you’ve ever seen. Featuring new shapes, Faction symbols and awesome translucent details, each Geogan has a unique transformation. Play a Geogan during your brawls and launch a surprise attack to defeat your opponent. With over 60 Geogan to collect, add them all to your collection.

Spring 2021
Age: 6+; SRP: $9.99

Geogan Brawler 5 Pack. Image: Spin Master PR

Geogan Brawler 5-Pack

Expand your Bakugan collection with two exclusive Geogan, three Bakugan, six BakuCores and collectible character, ability and Gate-Cards. With everything you need included in this epic set, you can brawl straight out of the box. Featuring new shapes, translucent details and unique transformations, Geogan add a powerful new element to your game play. Drop your Geogan onto the included Gate-Cards or BakuCores to make it pop open and transform into the fierce creature you’ve seen in the show on Netflix!

Spring 2021
Age: 6+; SRP: $29.99

Baku-Tin. Image: Spin Master PR

Geogan Brawler 5-Pack

Expand your Bakugan collection with two exclusive Geogan, three Bakugan, six BakuCores and collectible character, ability and Gate-Cards. With everything you need included in this epic set, you can brawl straight out of the box. Featuring new shapes, translucent details and unique transformations, Geogan add a powerful new element to your game play. Drop your Geogan onto the included Gate-Cards or BakuCores to make it pop open and transform into the fierce creature you’ve seen in the show on Netflix!

Spring 2021
Age: 6+; SRP: $29.99

GeoForge Dragonoid

Introducing the all new GeoForge Dragonoid. This Dragonoid features six individual exclusive Geogans, an exclusive die cast Dragonoid, six ability cards, two BakuCores, a Gate-Card and a character card. Combine 6 Geogan and die cast Bakugan to build GeoForge Dragonoid. Armor yourself for epic battles.

Fall 2021
Age: 6+; SRP: $39.99


The big news from the 2020 Toy Fair (the last in-person event I was able to attend) was that Spin Master had acquired the license to make DC toys. Their first year with the license was successful, including a Toy of the Year nomination for their 4-inch figures. This year, Batman is all about the tech. (Micah reviewed the 4-inch Bat-Tech figure here.)

Batman Bat-Tech 12-Inch Figure. Image: Spin Master PR

Batman Bat-Tech 12-Inch Figure

Each action figure features 11 points of articulation, a cloth cape and detailed comic styling that brings your favorite Batman characters to life. Engage your imagination and pose your action figure as you play out your own Batman storylines and battles!

Spring 2021
Age: 4+; SRP: $9.99

Batman Bat-Tech 12-Inch Deluxe Figure

This Batman figure is packed with epic features to discover including large bat wings that expand, accessories that light up and over 20 exciting sounds and phrases. Place the blaster and Batarang into each of the figure’s hands and get ready to defend against the Super-Villains of Gotham City. Pull the lever on the back of the figure down to make Bat-Tech Batman’s wings transform and pop open. To activate the lights and sounds, press the bat symbol on your figure’s chest and watch as the symbol, parts of the Batsuit and the weapon in the right hand all light up. Close the wings by pushing the lever up and continue your missions on the streets of Gotham City.

Spring 2021
Age: 4+; SRP: $19.99

Batman Bat-Tech 2-in-1 Batmobile

Take your Batman missions to the next level with the Bat-Tech 2-in-1 Batmobile and Bat Boat! When there’s trouble in Gotham City Harbor, launch the Bat Boat. Simply lift the Batmobile’s hatch and pull out the Bat Boat to deploy. Compatible with the Batman 4-inch Action Figures, load the Caped Crusader behind the wheel of his sleek transforming vehicle and speed right into action. Equipped with blue Bat-Tech details and everything Batman needs to keep Gotham City safe, this iconic Batman vehicle is ready for epic adventure as the Batmobile or Bat Boat.

Spring 2021
Age: 4+; SRP: $19.99

Batman Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave. Image: Spin Master PR

Batman Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave

Get ready for adventure after adventure after adventure with the Batman Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave, a child-size figure (measuring over 30 inches tall) that transforms into a playset. With 10 different areas to play, the set features interactive sounds activated by the elevator that goes up and down through the levels. The playset is compatible with the TOTY nominated 4-inch figures and comes with an exclusive Batman figure.

Fall 2021
Age: 4+; SRP: $99.99

Batman All-Terrain RC Batmobile

From the streets of Gotham to the streets of your neighborhood, this all-terrain remote control vehicle features performance tires that will conquer any terrain – mud, grass, snow or even drives on water! Compatible with all 4-inch Batman figures. Super-Villains beware!

Fall 2021
Age: 4+; SRP: $49.99


No matter how old I get, I will never not want a new stuffed animal. I don’t have the space for them in my apartment, but that doesn’t stop me from buying them! GUND has some great new plushes coming out in 2021, both from their licensed products and their core line.

Please note that I do not have descriptions or prices for everything in this section.


Cozys are cuddly companions made from premium fabric that’s as familiar as hugging an old friend. Available in Elephant, Puppy, Koala, Kitty Cat, Bunny and Lion plush animals.

Spring 2021 (Fox & Panda, Fall 2021)
Age: 1+; SRP: $22.50

Core Bears

Gund’s famous, huggable plush bears.

Spring 2021

Snuffles 40th Anniversary edition. Image: Spin Master PR

Snuffles 40th Anniversary

Our most beloved bear is celebrating his 40th birthday in 2021! For four decades, GUND fans have loved snuggling up with Snuffles’ unique crescent moon design that lets him look into their eyes with every hug. We’re commemorating this adorable icon on his Ruby Anniversary with a special limited-edition red plush fabric Snuffles that feels like hugging the most luxurious cloud ever.

Fall 2021
Age: 1+; SRP: $40.00


A glitter storm has hit Hatchtopia, transforming all of the Hatchimals’ wings into Wilder Wings. These new expanded wings all mix and match.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Wilder Wings

These adorable Hatchimals characters feature the most beautiful large wings that all mix and match. There are over 10 styles of Wilder Wings, including angel, flower, bat, cloud, split wings and more. Plus, there’s even more surprises to discover: a wild new hatch and nine different wing features like gummy, sugar glitter, printed and more! Each new egg has a wing-inspired design, and the Wilder Wings can be found on the outside of the egg. Crack the front of the egg to reveal your wild new friend. Then, easily attach their wings. With 50 Wilder Wings Hatchimals you will want to add all these fashionable cuties all to your collection! Available in 1-pack, multi-pack and 12-pack egg carton.

Spring 2021
Age: 5+; SRP: $2.99 – $19.99


The big news for PAW Patrol in 2021 is PAW Patrol: The Movie! PAW Patrol: The Movie is slated to hit theaters in August 2021, so most of the toys in the latter half of the year will be movie tie-ins. But there is new stuff for spring as well!

Moto Pups. Image: Spin Master PR

Moto Pups Figures

Join your favorite PAW Patrol pups on exciting rescue missions! Trading their classic uniforms for a cool Moto
Pups uniform, the pups each wear a motorcycle jacket and a colored metallic helmet. When trouble strikes, the pups
are ready for action with their transforming backpacks. Press their badge button to make the backpack’s tool
transform and pop open, then use it to help save the day! Plus, Moto Pups also come with a golden deputy badge,
perfect for all of your role-play adventures. Attach it to your shirt and become part of the PAW Patrol!

Spring 2021
Age: 3+; SRP: $6.99

Pull-Back Motorcycle Vehicles

Each pup’s unique motorcycle features authentic graphics and details, large wheels and a pull-back function that allows it to perform wheelies! When it’s time for a high-speed mission, clip the included PAW Patrol figure into the driver’s seat, pull the vehicle back and watch it go. You can also push the vehicle around to play by hand.

Spring 2021
Age: 3+; SRP: $14.99

Movie Theme Vehicles. Image: Spin Master PR

Movie Theme Vehicles

Straight from the big screen, these movie themed PAW Patrol vehicles transform with a unique rescue tool reveal. Each transformation is unique to each pup and features their job in the movie. Collect all six pups.

Fall 2021
Age: 3+; SRP: $14.99

Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck. Image: Spin Master PR

Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck

Marshall’s all-new fire truck is straight from the movie to put out the biggest fires the pups have ever seen. With two modes of transformation and exciting lights and sounds for added fun. Features the tallest ladder, rescue slide and net and a water cannon with projectiles. Also includes a Marshall pup figure.

Fall 2021
Age: 3+; SRP: $49.99

Ultimate City Tower. Image: Spin Master PR

Ultimate City Tower

The biggest ever PAW Patrol Lookout Tower standing at 36” tall! This is the biggest PAW Patrol toy ever. It is also
vehicle compatible for the very first time and features ramp transformation, vehicle launcher, command center, suit up station, uniform storage, pup cubbies, a helipad, pup elevator, vehicle elevator, garage and awesome lights and sounds.

Fall 2021
Age: 3+; SRP: $149.99


Present Pets are something that really appeal to me, as someone that had all sorts of Pound Puppies (and Pound Kitties), Puppy (or Kitty) Surprise, and Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Present Pets Minis

Unbox Present Pets Minis for a pop-up surprise! Inside, you’ll find your adorable new pup. Comes with an adoption
certificate to name your pup, a doghouse, a collar and stickers. There are 16 adorable pups to discover and collect. Available in 1pk and 3pk varieties.

Fall 2021
Age: 5+; SRP: $7.99-$19.99

Frou-Frou Fantasy Crew

These interactive pups are so excited to meet you, they unbox themselves! With two new themes, Princess and Fairy, and four different pups to discover, these playful pooches will melt your heart. Featuring 100 new sounds and two themed interactive games.

Fall 2021
Age: 5+; SRP: $59.99


Board games were always a big part of my family when I was growing up, so I was really excited when we got to this part of the presentation! I don’t have images for everything, but there are some really cool games coming out from Spin Master this year.

Disney Sidekicks

Disney Sidekicks is a co-operative game for 2-4 players. The Disney heroes have been captured and are being held captive in the castle. Players must travel through the gameboard battling villains and rescuing villagers all while building their powers to become heroes themselves. In order to win, the Sidekicks (players) must reach and enter the castle and defeat their arch Villain. Featuring five classic Sidekicks and their Villains, each Sidekick/Villain combination is unique, adding a different element to the game every time you play.

Spring 2021
Age: 10+; SRP: $29.99

Jumanji Deluxe. Image: Spin Master PR

Jumanji Deluxe

A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Work together to stay alive and complete the challenges as you trek through the jungle. In this high-quality, electronic, movie reproduction version, roll the dice to move your piece, then press the dome and await your fate as it glows revealing a riddle, or event …. it is a mystery. Answer in the 20 seconds you have and complete the challenge. But when the green dome crackles to the drum sounds, it is time for a special event. If you don’t succeed, it will cost you a life. Better be careful! If you lose three lives, everyone loses the game. Discover a new adventure every time you play.

Fall 2021
Age: 8+; SRP: $49.99

Disney Family Feud. Image: Spin Master PR

Disney Family Feud

And the survey says …. Disney Family Feud is a new edition of the #1 licensed board game of America’s #1 favorite game show, that is fun for the whole family. Challenge your friends and family to play the classic game show right in the comfort of your own home with all-new Disney themed survey questions. Exclusive to Walmart.

Fall 2021
Age: 8+; SRP: $19.97

Cardinal Legacy Collection

From the market leader in the classic games category, this premium curated collection of all-time favorites and best-selling classics includes Dominoes, Mancala, Backgammon, Chess and Checkers, Mahjong, Cribbage and Chinese Checkers. Crafted with home decor in mind, the meticulous design features high-end materials and decorative finishes to elevate the board game experience.

Fall 2021
Age: 8+; SRP: $24.99-$79.99


Whew. And those are my highlights from the Spin Master 2021 Preview! This is barely even a dent in all of the fantastic products Spin Master will be putting out this year, so definitely make sure you head over to spinmaster.com and check out their other offerings.

What Spin Master toys are you excited about this year?

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