2020 Toy Fair New York Day 2 Recap: Spin Master, Playmates, Factory Entertainment, and More!


2020 TFNY Day 2 was a full day for me! With appointments at Spin Master and Playmates Toys, I spent the rest of the afternoon cruising the two-level exhibition floor checking out as many booths as I could.

After spending much of the first day at Hasbro’s presentation and showroom, I tried to make up for it on TFNY Day 2 by hitting some other exhibitors. I made a list last night of all the companies I should visit with whom I didn’t already have appointments. TFNY is laid out mostly by category – educational, games, pre-school, and so on – but I walked both levels end to end anyway just to make sure I didn’t miss anyone.

I made up my missing appointment at Factory Entertainment (I was supposed to go yesterday afternoon, but I was “trapped” at Hasbro for so long). I also hit up NECA, Bandai Namco, TeeTurtle, and quite a few others. Basically, if I know they put out geeky merchandise, I was there.

Spin Master

Spin Master really knows how to put on a show. I learned that when I attended the 2019 Bakugan Invitational Tournament in November. They had a massive booth on the exhibition floor that was accessible by appointment only, and I got a complete tour.

I’ll start with Bakugan. We got a pretty decent preview at the tournament – the Bakugear and dual faction cards are the current focus – but there was still some great new stuff on display. And Bakugan is joining many other Spin Master lines in introducing blind boxes.

For example, though it was mentioned at the VIP weekend, they finally had a new battle arena. The Battle League Coliseum will hit stores in Fall 2020. Retailing for $39.99, the Coliseum features curved edges; this is both for keeping your Bakugan from rolling away and also allows for trick shots. It also features a compartment that will store your deck, bakucores, and Bakugan.

Another big item on display was the new Dragonoid Infinity figure. The dual faction cards are about fusions, the next big evolution for Bakugan. Dragonoid Infinity “fuses” with a regular Bakugan – put a Bakugan in its chest and it transforms – and then you can shoot the Bakugan from its chest launcher. It comes with a normal-sized Dragonoid Infinity. This will also hit in Fall 2020 and retail for $39.99.

Dragons were the name of the game at Spin Master. A new line coming out this spring is Dragamonz. Dragamonz are a cross between Hatchimals and Bakugan. They “hatch” by smashing an egg and revealing the figure inside. There are over 70 to collect, from six different factions! Each Dragamonz comes with trading cards that you can collect to play the card game.

Still speaking of dragons, we move onto to How to Train Your Dragon and Dragons: Rescue Riders. There is a line of dragons with their Vikings, some plush dragons (some that come in eggs that you can hatch), and the big-ticket item is a flying Toothless. You “teach” Toothless to fly by “training” him and interacting with the touch sensors on his body. He is USB rechargeable. I posted a video of one of the Spin Master staff demoing the Toothless.

From dragons, we move onto dinosaurs…and puppies. That’s right, PAW Patrol Dino Rescue will pair the puppers with dinosaurs. That means a whole new line of toys. And the Dino Patroller is the first-ever motorized vehicle for the line; the oversized wheels allow it to drive over obstacles with ease. But for the regular line, you can look forward to the Adventure Bay Lookout Tower track, which comes out this fall and retails for $49.99.

Spin Master recently won the right to license DC Comics heroes, and they’re going for it in a big way with 12″, 4″, and 3″ figures. The 12″ and 4″ are fully posable with multiple points of articulation. The 3″ ones are blind box items and come with their own display stand. Most of the figures launch in spring 2020. There are also several different Batmobiles and a 2-in-1 Batcave playset coming this year.

One last thing from Spin Master is the new limited edition Etch-A-Sketches for the 60th anniversary of the iconic toy – the Monopoly, NASA, Rubik’s Cube, and Stan Lee editions will release every month starting in March and culminating with the Diamond Edition, which will be available for purchase on Etch-A-Sketch Day (July 12). There is also a new innovation in Etch-A-Sketch technology that allows you to draw circles.

Playmates Toys

TFNY Day 2 continued with Playmates. The big news from Playmates is that their Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line is currently on hold. Nickelodeon will be making an announcement about the series in April, and production is paused because the company doesn’t yet know what is going on. I don’t know anything other than that, unfortunately.

As for new products, Playmates previewed new waves for Power Players, Ben 10, Miraculous, and Frozen 2. For Ben 10, the newest thing is the Omnitrix. There will be two versions – one that is an actual functioning watch and one that is a build-your-own and allows you to build either Ben’s or his nemesis’s. Power Players offers a new line of figures and, launching this fall, a Bearbarian 12″ plush. Miraculous previewed their new line of fashion dolls, which won’t hit stores until fall 2021.

Playmates also got the license for the upcoming Godzilla vs King Kong movie, but they didn’t have anything on display for it except the giant Godzilla at the entrance to their booth.

Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment hasn’t had any reveals since last year’s SDCC, but they had some new products on display at their booth. They’ve extended their bar products with new stoppers and bottle openers from Star Trek, Monty Python, and Jaws. There is a new CHS line that is an enamel keychain and pin set packaged in vintage VHS replicas.

The Revos line now comes in 2-packs instead of 3-packs, with square packaging instead of round. And smaller-scale replica weapons will include Masters of the Universe, Lord of the Rings, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. I am really excited about some of the new plushes, though, particularly the Monty Python and the Holy Grail ones, which include the Rabbit of Caerbannog and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.


Known primarily for their distinct (and adorable) t-shirts, TeeTurtle has dipped their toes into tabletop games. Each corner of their booth was dedicated to one of their tabletop games: Unstable Unicorns, Llamas Unleashed, Runes & Regulations, and Here to SlayHere to Slay was the main focus, as it recently finished up its Kickstarter after raising over $3 million. I was given a mini demonstration of gameplay and the tidbit that their goal is to make the game available for retail in October, after the Kickstarter has been fulfilled.

The Noble Collection

Known for their high-quality replica merchandise, the Noble Collection had many amazing items on display, but I was most drawn to the Batman chess set (one side heroes, one side villains) and the full-scale Jumanji board game.

Just Funky

I was surprised and delighted to discover Yuri on Ice products on display, but Just Funky had a small shelf of cups and cutlery featuring the Yuris, Victor, and Makkachin. Yuri on Ice was not the only anime on display. There were products for Boku no Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and Attack on Titan, among others.

Bandai Namco

Whoa, was there a lot of stuff for Bandai. Between Banpresto and Figuarts, there were a lot of figures on display. I mostly focused on the BNHA and Kimetsu no Yaiba figures because of reasons.


At NECA I spotted a Baby Yoda in the form of a Chia Pet! But I mostly focused on their display for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to make up for having no news from Playmates.


Enesco’s quality figures pulled me into their booth. New items on display for TFNY included the new line of Miss Mindy vinyls featuring Disney villains, a Maleficent statue that was pure fire, and the Couture de Force featuring some DC Comics ladies.

Bitty Boomers

One last company to talk about from TFNY Day 2 is Bitty Boomers. These are tiny little speakers shaped like your favorite characters from pop culture. They connect through your phone’s Bluetooth. And yes, I was drawn in by the Baby Yoda.

And that’s all from 2020 TFNY Day 2! (Phew! That was a lot!) Tomorrow, I have appointments with Funrise Toys, Cryptozoic, Funko, and Entertainment Earth.

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