Toy Fair NY Exclusive Limited-Edition 4-Inch “Batman Bat-Tech” Figure Review

batman bat-tech 4-inch Toy Fair NY image
Batman Bat-Tech 4-inch Batman Figure – Toy Fair NY Exclusive (Image: Screengrab)

A limited number of exclusive Batman figures, for the Batman Bat-Tech line by Spin Master and DC, were created especially for Toy Fair NY, but unfortunately, the show was cancelled this year. Read on to see one of the figures in all its glory!

I was provided with a free limited Batman Bat-Tech 4-inch figure for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

Batman swings into action to protect those who call Gotham City home. DC partnered with Spin Master to show off the Batman Bat-Tech line featuring the likes of Batman (of course), Batwoman, Joker, and more. The lineup includes a variety of 4-inch and 12-inch figures. There’s also a 12-inch Deluxe Batman figure and the extremely cool 2-in-1 Batmobile!

The collection is available at Target and Walmart. It is meant for ages 4+.

batman bat-tech line spin master
Batman Bat-Tech Line (Image: PR)

As for the exclusive Batman Bat-Tech figure made for Toy Fair NY, this limited offering has been created by keeping young collectors in mind. Only a 1000 of these little Batman’s exist.

Here’s the unboxing video!

The box is unique and feels like opening up an armory closet in Bruce Wayne’s Batcave. In the center we have a nicely detailed Batman with a gold chest imprint and gold utility belt. To the left, we have an armored helmet, chest piece, and gauntlets as well as his signature Batarangs. On the right, we have a couple of different gun gadgets and a couple more Batarangs, all in gold.

As a Batman fan, I like how well made this toy is. There are 11-points of articulation in such a small action figure. The paint job on Batman is also good and Bruce can stand upright without assistance.

However, the quality of the accessories is lacking, in my opinion. The gauntlets kind of “float” over Batman’s arms and don’t feel immersive enough because you need to make Bruce hold them via pegs instead of having him wear them like proper gauntlets.

batman bat-tech figure review
Batman holding the Gauntlets

While the helmet and chest armor do cover Bruce and make him appear bulkier (something you would expect armor to do), the weapons fall a bit flat being entirely gold in color with not enough detailed accents to make them stand out. I would have liked for the fake buttons and other features on the gadgets to have a little more visual pop instead of everything being the same shade of gold. Customizers out there might have fun painting the accessories. 

Another critique would be how Batman doesn’t fit well in the figure’s molding case (once taken out), which leaves him continually falling forward unless the entire case is laid flat.

While these are minor gripes, I know that the packaging and display are important for collectors. So, I thought I should mention them. This limited edition item is targeting collectors after all.

For kids, such a 4-inch figure of Batman gets the job done. They can pose it in numerous ways and try out a good amount of accessories during imaginative play sessions. As mentioned, it’s well made and should handle accidental falls. The accessories are durable, too.

For adult collectors, the design of the accessories and the package’s display capabilities are lacking, in my opinion. Having said that, for new young collectors, this 4-inch figure can be a cool-looking piece to have.

Have you bought something from the Batman Bat-tech line?

Let us know. 

Author: Micah Carrillo

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