2020 Toy Fair New York Day 3 Recap: Funrise, Funko, and More!


Toy Fair New York is a four-day event, but all of my appointments were in the first three days, so TFNY Day 3 is my last! I had four appointments scheduled today, and after the hectic craziness of yesterday’s marathon, I decided to just focus on those last four booths.

2020 TFNY Day 3 was just about my last remaining appointments – Funrise Toys, Cryptozoic, Funko, and Entertainment Earth – but I did squeeze in an impromptu visit to Gund first thing in the morning. I probably should have made one last loop of the exhibition floor, but I’d forgotten how exhausting this event can be!


It’s not really our realm of focus, but I was stopping by the booth to get a picture of the giant Pusheen I saw on display yesterday (and I love stuffed animals) and ended up getting the full tour. I’ll start with Pusheen because that was the whole purpose of my visit. Did you know that it’s Pusheen’s 10th anniversary? There is a special birthday Pusheen for the occasion. There are also some new summer-themed blind box items coming out later this year.

They’re also excited about some of their new licenses – BT21 and Hilda, the Netflix cartoon, to name a couple – as well as their new line with Hello Kitty in honor of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. It’s also the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street so there are some new products for that.

Something I was really excited about are the new “fun” versions of Kai, Gund’s newest bear. I couldn’t help but notice that these bears are the same colors as the gay and bi pride flags…and they release in June. The brand manager I spoke with works on a different line, so she wasn’t sure if the coloring was intentional, but it’s one heck of a coincidence if it’s not.

Funrise Toys

Funrise skews a little younger than our target audience, but I know some of y’all have kids, and to be perfectly honest, I would totally love to have some of these products myself (particularly the bubbles). Funrise produces the toys for Fart Ninjas, a cartoon that is exactly as it sounds. Toys for season 2 include grenades, which have a button that gets pressed when you roll them, and larger figures. The larger figures are motion-activated like their smaller counterparts, but they also have a remote control so you can let one rip whenever you want.

Marvel Hero Drive features a line of cars based on Marvel superheroes. Now you can mix and match! Similar to the Marvel Legends line where each figure comes with a piece of another figure, each car comes with a piece of another one, so if you buy three cars, you get one free! The mix and match is also carrying over to their line of CAT products, where you can assemble your own construction vehicle.

A new line that they were really excited about is Bright Fairy Friends (BFFs). A new YouTube show will be launching in May, with the toys following this fall. The wings on the dolls light up, the swing and wardrobe light up, the purses with the clothing line will light up. Literally everything about these dolls will light up – even the in-store display stands! These will retail for $9.99, which is a pretty good deal.

Cryptozoic Entertainment

The big thing from Cryptozoic are the new line of Cryptkins, which are bigger than the previous lines. These 5″ Cryptkins will retail for $14.99, except for the Cerberus, which will run about $25. (Also, a series 3 is coming! They do exist! They’re scheduled to arrive late this year or early next year.) They also had their 2020 convention exclusives on display, which include sparkly Cryptkins and a few Lil DC Bombshells.

Also, if you’re a tabletop gamer, you may be interested in some of their new games! Steven Universe Beach-a-Palooza is a card battling game that centers on Steven making a bunch of clones of himself to compete in a Battle of the Bands. Use your army of Stevens to either join the band, the audience, or fight the party crashers! You keep score using gems on a Cookie Cat.

If you’re familiar with Cryptozoic’s line of Spy games, the latest one is Spycon. The idea behind the game is that you have to get in touch with your contact, but there’s one problem – you’re at a convention, and everyone is in cosplay.


Admin Angel has given you most of the big announcements from Funko this weekend, since they did a lot of their reveals before the Toy Fair even started, but my appointment wasn’t until today, so I figured I’d just wait to visit the booth. It’s really awesome seeing all this stuff on display.

They were also promoting their new line of products aimed at younger age groups – Boogey Monsters, Gashouse Gang, and Snapsies. These are both more of a toy than their usual collectibles. Snapsies are sold via an arcade-like machine that will be set up in toy stores – much like their Paka Paka machines, which are currently in their Hollywood store and their HQ in Everett.

But, of course, the Pops are the main draw of the booth, and they know their audience, because they had a Baby Yoda sitting on the media check-in desk. I mostly tried to grab photos of the upcoming products – all of which will be out by May – but I couldn’t resist grabbing a few more. (Was anyone going to tell me there are Pops for The Dragon Prince?) They are also launching a line of Pop enamel pins, which can either be displayed or worn like a regular pin.

Entertainment Earth

My last appointment of TFNY Day 3 was with Entertainment Earth. There were a few things that were emphasized during my visit to the booth. One is their new collectible protector boxes – there is a hard plastic and a softer plastic one – that are the perfect size for Pops. Another is their new partnership with Axe Heaven, which produces 1/4 scale replica guitars from famous musicians. They also wanted to draw attention to their line of toys from Mcfarlane, which includes the figure for Batman Who Laughs.

And that brings an end to TFNY Day 3, and this year’s Toy Fair for me! I hope you enjoyed our coverage this year, and hopefully, y’all found something coming out this year that you’re excited about!

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