Spin Master’s “League of Legends” Collectible Figures Review: Darius, Jinx & Thresh

League of Legends Action Figures Review Spin Master
Jinx, Thresh & Darius – League of Legends action figures by Spin Master

Riot Games is going full speed ahead with loads of content in the world of League of Legends. Not only are they constantly churning out skins, story events, and leading the Pro League scene, but they also partnered with Spin Master to launch a line of high-quality League of Legends action figures!

I was provided with Spin Master’s League of Legends reviewed in this post for free. The opinions I have shared are my own. 

There’s a lot for League of Legends fans to enjoy right now. Riot Games’ running their music department, their mobile version Wild Rift and mobile card game Legends of Runeterra, a turn-based action format RPG with Ruined King, and most notably a Netflix show titled Arcane releasing on November 6, 2021. And yes, this cool-looking action figure line as well!

As a fan of League of Legends, I felt quite lucky to get the opportunity to review three awesome Champions from the current action figure line. Over the couple of years that I’ve been playing this popular game, I’ve been collecting their Unlocked figure series and in-game skins like money is no object (I might have a problem). Anyway, from the 4-inch League of Legends figure line by Spin Master I received Jinx and Darius. And from the 6-inch figure line, I received Thresh.

Every figure comes with their signature weapons/arsenal that they respectively bring to the Rift in League of Legends as well as a huge range of articulation to help pose your Champion in the most cinematic poses you can think of. Take note; the 4-inch figures feature 12 points of articulation while the 6-inch figures have 19 points of articulation. You can make these figures strike a variety of cool action poses. The figures also come with a base for easy standing.

Let’s start with the “Loose Cannon” Jinx who is quite the zany and chaotic gun-wielding criminal of Piltover and as fate would have it will also be a main character in Netlfix’s Arcane animated series. She’s just so vibrant. Long, baby blue pigtails come almost to her big brown, open and unstrapped military boots, mismatched bare leg and long pink stocking-style coming to her upper thigh with edgy arsenal leg straps on both legs.

Jinx’s hips sport ammunition wrapped around her belt and hot pink short shorts. And you can’t forget her guerrilla warfare bra strap with more ammunition to boot. Her arm wear reflects more mismatching, brown fingerless gloves with worn-out holes on the wrists, only one arm sporting some hot pink sleeves and straps for extra edginess.

Jinx League of Legends Spin Master action figure review
4-inch “League of Legends” Jinx Figure

The only minor gripe I have with this figure is her skin not leaning towards the almost albino-like pale skin that she exhibits in her in-game model and splash art like some sort of Ace Chemicals Harley Quinn “accident”. However, Jinx does have her signature psychotic smile. She’s ready to blow up the next prominent building she lays her eyes on. 

As for her arsenal of weapons, we have “Fishbones”, her ever-destructive rocket launcher, and Mr. Pew Pew, her rapid-fire semi-automatic mini-gun. They’re a bit one-note compared to her in-game models. Fishbones is entirely purple and Mr. Pew Pew is entirely pink, save for a single-born accent color on both which is a little disappointing but it gets the job done! The Mini-gun can be strapped right over Jinx’s shoulder and Fishbones can call either hand its home. Despite a couple of minor gripes for Jinx, I have to say her action figure is a solid offering and that too for the price of MSRP $9.99, which… yes!

League of Legends Darius action figure review
4-inch “League of Legends” Darius Figure

The next 4-inch figure champion is “The Hand of Noxus”, Darius, a giant beast of a man clad in heavy and intimidating armor. He is Commander to the forces of Noxus, a cutthroat land where no kings claim their subjects and anyone can rise in rank if they’re willing to work for it. Darius is no exception to this, mighty and feared he raises his ax ready for the next battle. Darius is a tank, through and through. And you can clearly see that in the action figure.

He sports massive armored boots and silver caps for the knees and spiked thigh armor. A red sash covers his groin with a Noxian symbol. As we explore his upper body he has thinner abdomen armor with a giant chest piece covering his slightly exposed abdomen and protecting his neck from any kind of stray arrows or incoming sword strike. Upon inspection, his hands are giant leather-gloved fists of fury with arms and hands armored.

The only exposed portion of Darius happens to be his massive biceps that could literally crush an entire (toy) tree. His shoulders are covered by gigantic steel plates, spiked and menacing with dents and damage from countless battles and possibly shoulder charges aimed to kill. His upper back’s armored to the teeth and has a large red cape with a sign of Noxus adorned into the fabric. The man is scary. Can’t forget his battle-hardened serious expression which I wish was a little more of a war cry but I digress. A scar on his right eye and spiked jagged hair complete the impressive details on this Commander’s action figure. 

Serving as his weapon, we have his trusted and gigantic murderous battle-ax which is almost as tall as he is. The details show such a piece of steel has been finely crafted for war. There’s another symbol of Noxus in the center. Due to a flexible handle, the battle-ax fits snugly in Darius’ giant man hands. Even with a lot of armor, the figure is mobile. I loved having him lift his ax as if he just won a battle for the glory of Noxus. This one too is available for MSRP $9.99.

Thresh League of Legends action figure review
6-inch “League of Legends” Thresh Figure

Lastly, we have my most favorite of all three League of Legends figures I reviewed, the 6-inch Thresh. To say this is a stunning collectible would be an understatement and a disservice to the love Spin Master has put into the Chain Warden of the Shadow Isles. Now, due to certain restrictions in China, Thresh has become more humanized to better fit their regulations, much to the disappointment of many fans. But fret not, because this figure features the fan-favorite version pre-hot e-boy Thresh. Monster lovers rejoice! This figure of Thresh looks sadistic, cruel, and cunning.

Thresh’s boots are dark and armored like that of an evil paladin knight. Covered by tattered rags hanging from his waist, his clothes drape over the floor like the ghastly monster he is (and fans love). To either side of his hips, he has demonic skulls with ram horns screaming in agony. On his abdomen, there are small glowing green keys that he keeps close to himself. His chest is armored by black skeletal bones wrapping around him like a gothic harness extending to his back with a giant skeletal scorpion crawling over his back, which features a skull in agony. It’s all incredibly cool and spooky.

Thresh league of legends action figure review
6-inch “League of Legends” Thresh Figure

His neck sits in a giant void pool of green energy with protruding skeletal spikes as if the entire thing was going to be featured during a gothic Elizabethan Couture-themed Met Gala. Thresh’s face is in a permanent menacing shriek with three long skeletal tendrils curling out into the air. He just looks fantastic!

When referring to Thresh, he is synonymous with his chain hook and iconic spirit lantern. His chain accessory, supposed to be made of green spectral energy, has details to convey being sharpened to a vicious point (Don’t worry. The actual toy isn’t sharp). As the chain extends, it is connected to his ever-hungry lantern full of lost souls that he loves to add to his collection for further torment. Thresh is one of my favorite Champions to play with so unboxing and posing him was a dream come true for me. And for only MSRP $19.99, he is an absolute must-have for League of Legends figure collectors.

Here’s an unboxing video of all three figures to give you a better look at what they have to offer!

In my opinion, Spin Master has completely outdone themselves on the sheer beauty of these figures. It’s such an awesome feeling to interact with these characters in the Rift and also see them posing in the physical world near you.

Along with Jinx, Darius, and Thresh, the League of Legends action figure line by Spin Master also includes Ekko, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Vi, Yasuo, and Zed!

If you have a League of Legends fan in your family or circle of friends, you should consider these quality yet affordable action/collectible figures during your holiday gift shopping. 

As for me, I’m definitely going to try and get my hands on Zed, Yasuo, and Caitlyn!

What about you?

Author: Micah Carrillo

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