Get to Know the “Zombaes Forever” Doll This Halloween Season – Review

Zombaes Forever doll line review
Zombaes Forever

With Spooky Season almost upon us, I was very excited to check out the Zombaes Forever doll line by Spin Master. Featuring cute little zombies, this gothic doll line is currently available in stores. 

I was provided with free samples from the Zombaes Forever line for review. The opinions I have shared are my own.

As of writing this, the Zombaes Forever toy series features a single doll collection as well as two deluxe playsets. Let’s begin with the single doll line. I really liked the packaging. Sticking to the theme of the undead, the single “mystery” doll comes in an approximate 6-inch long highly decorated cardboard coffin (only the lid of the coffin is plastic). The contents are hidden in paper packaging. Yay for paper packaging!

Costing $9.99 USD, a single coffin includes 1 Zombae doll (there are a total of 10 different dolls for you to collect), 1 doll stand, a sticker sheet, 2 accessories, a trading card, and a collector’s sheet. I got the doll named Miss Everlasting. She’s a pageant queen so she came with a golden crown and a sash.

Personally, I would have liked for the text ‘Miss Everlasting’, on the sash, to be in black or another bright color to make it easier to read on the white sash. I did like the plastic stand. I found it to be sturdy and the arm resembled a spine, at least to me. Another thing I liked was the detail present inside the coffin-themed packaging. Even though it’s all painted, it was still nice to see a bed, a mirror, and some shelves inside the coffin to help with pretend play.

zombaes coffin image
Zombaes Forever – Miss Everlasting’s Coffin

As for the 3.5-inch tall doll, Miss Everylasting’s definitely cute. She had some weight and didn’t feel cheap. From the eyeballs to the design on her brain and the stitches on her body, there’s a good amount of detail going on. The rooted eyelashes were a pleasant surprise. Due to the rubbery body, I didn’t face any issues when putting the sash on Miss Everlasting or the bottom half of her pageant dress.

The articulation includes the shoulders (the arms can spread sideways, too), the neck, the hips, and the thighs. The Zombaes Forever gimmick is the hair and thighs popping off (with a cute little bone jutting out from the thighs). You are supposed to swap the thighs and hair between the dolls. It’s a nice feature to have and drives home the idea of these dolls being the type of undead that can exchange limbs and hair (or, as I like to say, their wigs).

There’s an animated picture of Miss Everlasting on the front of the Trading Card with the back sharing her likes and dislikes. As for the sticker sheet, you can easily use some of the stickers inside the coffin to fill up the printed shelves.

Take note; no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get Miss Everlasting to stand on her own. So, it was nice to have the doll stand. From what I can tell, none of the dolls are capable of standing on their own. I think it is because of their rubbery legs and being top-heavy.

As for the Deluxe Doll Sets, there are the ‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Zombadie to Love’ playsets. Each will cost you $19.99. The ‘Scream Queens’ playset comes with two cheerleaders (exclusive to the playset), two doll stands, a dead pet, a coffin for the dead pet, a trading card, and a bunch of accessories (pompoms, baton, skull-shaped trophy, and a festive hat). With the theme being high school sports, I liked how the cardboard packaging gave me a nice scene featuring a sports field, a court, and a locker room. I would have liked a sticker sheet, too, but of well.

The ‘Zombadie to Love’ has a wedding theme. So, you get the exclusive bride and groom dolls, two doll stands, a dead pet, a coffin for the dead pet, a trading card, and a couple of accessories (a wedding cake and a bride’s veil). The packaging gives you a playset that features a pet cemetery, a wedding altar, and a cool-looking dance floor.

While the articulation among the dolls is the same, the dead pets have no articulation. I would have liked at least a single point of articulation in the neck. Anyway, I did like the overall cute designs of the pets. Also, the detail of adding scratch marks on the back of the pet’s coffin lid was cool.   

I was quite interested in opening the ‘Zombadie to Love’ playset because I wanted to see how this series handled “boy” Zombaes. I found the tiny groom to be quite cute. Even he had rooted eyelashes, though they were shorter compared to the eyelashes on the girl Zombaes.

Also, in my opinion, the “swap” gimmick was the most fun between the bride and groom. Depending on the type of play session you or a kid in your family might want to go for, you can have yourself a very androgynous wedding. So, points to Spin Master and the Zombaes Forever line for that!

zombaes forever zombadie to love review
Swapping the hair and thighs between the bride and the groom

If you know someone whose birthday’s coming up in October or you want to do something different for the younglings this Halloween, I recommend checking out the Zombaes Forever line (official website). It strikes the right balance between the undead and being colorful and fun.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the Zombaes below.

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