Interactive Buzz Lightyear Collectible Robot Available For Pre-Order!

Buzz Lightyear robot
Buzz Lightyear Collectible Robot (Image: PR)

Fans of the Toy Story/Lightyear franchise and/or interactive collectibles can look forward to owning the impressive Buzz Lightyear robot come Spring 2023.

Robosen has announced that pre-orders are currently live for the standard Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Alpha and the limited edition Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack collectible robots. The upcoming item features the company’s intelligent conversation system, ensuring that this robotic Buzz gives quick responses. There’s no need to recall specific command words for you to talk to Buzz.

I just finished watching the promo video and I am surely impressed! A bit worried about the upcoming AI-led apocalypse but nevertheless still impressed. The team aimed for authenticity in the design, inspired by the Disney and Pixar release Lightyear, and I think they hit the mark.

The upcoming Space Ranger is 16.5-inches tall and is powered by more than 50 microchips. It also has 23 high-precision servo motors. There are numerous ways for you to control Buzz with 4 programming modes which include Voice, Block-Based, Manual, and 3D Software (from what I could gather).

He will come with more than 200 sound effects and action programs. More programs and sound effects are planned via exchanges and downloads within a growing community. The accessories include a Laser Gauntlet, Laser Blade DX, and the Space Ranger Blaster. The auto-converting XL-15 Jetpack is capable of retracting on cue. There are also five pairs of interchangeable hands and interchangeable faces. Sox is also included.

The standard Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Alpha is available for $649, a $150 pre-order savings. The collector’s limited edition Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack is available for $749, a $250 pre-order savings. Take note; both models require a $99 USD deposit. Pre-ordering can be done via the official website.

Here’s the video!

I can’t afford this awesome Buzz robot right now but I sure as heck want it!

What about you?

Feel free to leave your thoughts with us below.

(via press release)

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