“Fallen Suns” Season 1 Issues 2 and 3 – Review

Fallen Suns Issue 2 and Issue 3 review Chapterhouse

Fallen Suns is a new series from Chapterhouse that seems to have a lot of potential. Issues 2 and 3 from the first season introduced us to the main characters and talked about the upcoming threat to the Chapterverse.

I was provided copies of Fallen Suns Season 1 Issues 2 and 3 for review. The opinions are my own.

With the publisher’s first major comic book event, titled Invasion, coming to the Chapterverse this year, I was glad that Fallen Suns was able to share some information about Borealis, the alien race that will cause the upcoming event.

Written by Van Jensen, Fallen Suns Season 1 Issues 2 and 3 serve as a nice starting point for new readers (such as myself) of the Chapterverse. The main story focuses on Pharos, an alien who has a lot of blood on his hands. He came to Earth to warn humans about the upcoming Borealis attack but due to certain misunderstandings awaits his execution.

I really liked how Van Jensen was able to make Pharos into a character you might feel sorry for. A lot of the story in the two issues is told through flashbacks. We get to see why Pharos, in an act of cowardice, left his home planet. We also get to see how he grew, fell in love, suffered loss, and started on his brutal journey of revenge.

A character feeling rage due to the loss of a loved one isn’t something new. However, Jensen is able to keep readers hooked by revealing the story in pieces and throwing in some awesome action sequences to keep the pace exciting. What makes Pharos kind of likable is his regret. He allowed his rage to get the better of him and the final reveal, when he got his revenge on the Lightbringer, broke him. Pharos’ ability to feel emotion is what allows readers to feel invested in his character. It also sets him apart from being just another cookie-cutter big bad alien.

Pharos tells his story to Parminder Patel, an Equilibrium agent (Next Gen Technology Specialist), during the two issues. Kudos to Jensen for having a WOC as one of the main characters. While I didn’t get to know much about her from the two issues, she still came across as a likable character. She has a cat named Tesla!

Fallen Suns Season One Issue 2 Chapterhouse review

I liked how Pharos’ alien race consisted of beings of one sex. So, points to Jensen for that too. I mean, even if it has to do with an alien race, I’ll gladly take any kind of sexual representation and diversity in a fictional story.

The other two characters we get to see are H.A.L.O. operative Saskia Reid, and Viin (who makes his true identity known in issue 3).

The pencils and ink by Neil Collyer (flashbacks) and Leila del Duca (present day), along with colors by Caroline Nolasco, help both issues of Fallen Suns to visually stand out. Some of my favorite panels are ones that show the weird beauty of Pharos’ planet.

I do think that sci-fi fans will really enjoy reading Fallen Suns.

Issues 2 and 3 from the first season of Fallen Suns are currently available. Check them out if you’re interested in sci-fi, alien races, beautiful art, and layered characters.

Have you read Fallen Suns? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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