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DC Comics My Girl Power Journal Downtown Booksworks review
DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal (Image Credit: Farid-ul-Haq)

The DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal by Sarah Parvis is the latest fun and empowering title from Downtown Bookworks. It is filled with enjoyable prompts that encourage little kids to express their creativity and emotions to find their inner strength.

I was provided a copy of DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal for review. The opinions are my own. 

Downtown Bookworks keeps delivering fun titles that make use of iconic DC Comics characters to help kids (and even adults) strengthen their connections with their creativity. Staying true to the publisher’s track record, DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal offers kids the chance to learn some good lessons.

Here’s the official description:

My Girl Power Journal is filled with fun prompts that will encourage girls to write, draw, create, contemplate, and grow strong in the process.

From “What makes me feel strong?” to “Who would I choose as a sidekick?” to exploring how an entertaining range of superpowers (mind-reading, X-ray vision, super-speed) would play out in real life, the questions in this unique and empowering journal make it a terrific tool for girls 8 and up. Girls are encouraged to imagine what the world would look like if they were in charge; to think about the things they are proud of; to focus on the times they overcame their fears or failures; and to plan their future as the superhero they will surely become. Beautiful classic DC character art featuring Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Katana, and other female superheroes—along with fun super hero facts and trivia—complete the package.

I do think that this activity book is a good product for kids to have, considering the current social climate. While some kids might be too young to fully understand the importance of the MeToo movement and the Women’s March, it’s crucial for parents or guardians to help kids, especially girls, realize their worth as a human being.

Such movements talk about how girls, due to the kind of world we live in, aren’t allowed to reach for their goals and are taught to accept the unfortunate behavior they experience as normal. Someday, things will change for the better. And yes, little boys need to be taught about female empowerment and equal rights, too.

My Girl Power Journal DC Comics Downtown Bookworks

My Girl Power Journal DC Comics Downtown Bookworks

Being a young girl is tough. You are bursting with creativity and emotions of all kinds,” said author Sarah Parvis. “Sometimes the healthiest, most empowering thing you can do is to spend a few minutes thinking about and expressing what makes you strong and unique and to envision yourself doing good in your community or in the world. In My Girl Power Journal, girls can explore their thoughts, get a creativity workout, and daydream about their future.”

The incredible, inspiring characters in the book show what makes superheroes so special: they speak up for themselves and others, they stand up to bullies and bad guys, they are kind and brave and help people in need,” Sarah added. “The prompts in the book are designed to show girls that they too are (or can be) brave and kind and can help others—that it’s not too hard to find and nurture your own superhero-like qualities.”

Providing girls a safe and encouraging environment that allows them to learn their self-worth is important. That’s why I appreciated Sarah Parvis’ work as I went through this book. It showcases different female superheroes from DC Comics, telling readers that every hero, just like every little kid out there, is unique. Even Lois Lane is featured in this activity book, asking readers about their interests if they were a reporter.

My Girl Power Journal DC Comics Downtown Bookworks

I highly recommend picking up this activity book to help kids in your house write down their thoughts and become more self-aware of their goals and feelings.

The DC Comics: My Girl Power Journal (paperback) has 160 pages and is 7.375″ x 9″ in dimensions. The suggested retail price is $16.99 (US), and $19.99 (Canadian). It is currently available for purchase.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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